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My OFFICIAL Birthday Party At REBEL This Saturday With French Montana

I never used to celebrate my birthday, that all changed nine years ago, when I was diagnosed with Congestive Heart Failure. I was in the prime of my life, looked like this and imagine someone telling you, you have three days to live "if you're lucky". What started out as me just thinking I was coming down with a cold / flu, then doctors thinking it was just pneumonia, turned out to be serious critical cardiac failure. According to the doctors, it was most likely brought on by a cold / flu virus that inflamed my heart, causing it to almost triple in size in a very short period. The reason the initial diagnosis thought it was pneumonia was my lungs were full of fluid. That was because my heart

Nashville's Going To The Stanley Cup Finals!

Yeah...never thought I'd utter those words either. smh. Exclusive footage of Marc Bergevin (who traded PK, despite him being an all-world defenceman), when he heard the news: Seriously, PK dude put on a masterclass on poise, tact and grace while the management of the Canadiens did everything to make him the posterchild for all that was "wrong" with their organization. We all know it was his "character". But PK was too much of a gentleman (and too damn smart, frankly) to admit as much. He's also kicking ass in the playoffs while playing with a herniated disk. PK's had a rough go and I'm impressed, because if it was me in his situation I woulda been told everyone in the Habs to kiss my Black a

Thunderdome At REBEL, Saturday May 20th

Working at REBEL's like a dream. I've always said we don't push the envelope enough in Toronto. That we don't give people a reason to come out, that we don't program originally enough. I've always wanted to be part of something where we set the standard for entertainment in nightlife. At REBEL? We're doing it BIGLY! lol. Check out these pics. Look at the costumes, the make up. Check out all the hot girls in our VIP area, you wanna party this Saturday? Come to REBEL and see it for yourself! Update: Check out this incredible highlight video from last week! RSVP to join me at REBEL this Saturday!

War Is Not The Answer

On the heels of the terrible news in Manchester last night, apparently ISIS has taken over a city in the Philippines. It dawns on me that the war on terror is 15 years old, at least. There are children that are almost adults who have never knwon a world without a "war" on terror. That war has now lasted longer than the American Civil War, The Korean War, World War 1 AND World War 2, respectively. WW2, which changed the face of the world. Ask yourselves if we are any "safer" or if the world is a better place? The answer to both of those is no. Also, keep in mind the people that should be rotting in jail for this (Tony Blair & George Bush who LIED and COLLUDED to justify this fake ass "war" wi

Robert DeNiro Is About To Change The Face Of Toronto's Skyline

I guess this means Maison Mercer's days are numbered. The site of the current Toronto mega club (15 Mercer) is slated to become the new home of a luxury hotel and condo residence. Nobu Hospitality, the luxury restaurant and hotel chain De Niro founded with famed Japanese chef Nobu Matsuhisa and Hollywood producer Meir Teper, is planning Canada’s first Nobu-branded condo, restaurant and hotel development on Mercer St. in Toronto’s entertainment district. Here are some sneak peeks of what it's going to look like. Now that I think about it...I wonder if DeNiro got the idea when I did the cast dinner for his movie STONE w/ Ed Norton and Milla Jovovich? lol. We flew in a sushi chef from San Franc

Rompers For Men Are Here And I'm Sold!

I can't believe its almost June. Aside from my bday, the next most exciting thing to happen in the world is the new romper for bros: The Romphim! Created by guys named Chip & Alex (of course), their kickstarter goal of $10,000.00 was shattered ($147,000.00 and counting) thanks to the jokes that started flying on Twitter. If it's good enough for James Bond, its good enough for me. I am alllll in! Shout out to the original Romper room playa, Romey Rome! Cabana season is only a few weeks away and I need me a terry cloth romper that I can pair with my Gucci slides to steal yo' girl in!!! I'm...also gonna need abs, pecs and a new face...but one thing at a time, mmmmk? KB

Erick Morillo Plays At REBEL This Saturday May 13th!

Summer's fast approaching and we're keeping it HOT inside REBEL with some amazing DJ bookings. Another legend, Erick Morillo takes the decks inside NOIR, our house music room in REBEL this Saturday! He opened Cabana for us two years ago and nearly 3000 people showed up. RSVP with me for VIP guestlist / tables. It's going to be a busy night. I'll get you in past the legendary line ups at REBEL, plus all access VIP stamps to every room in the building. Hip Hop and dance floor anthems in the main room and HipHop all night inside Purple Room! KB

Orange Is The New Black Season 5 Trailer!

You would think that people would learn from the Napster / iTunes scenario: people are willing to pay (and wait) for high quality, reasonably priced entertainment. Some hackers released season 5 in a bid to extort money from Netflix. I don't know anyone that's watched it. I'd rather wait until June 9th. And judging from this trailer...it looks like it will be worth the wait. Fuck you, hackers. KB

The New Baywatch Trailer Is Hilarious (Words I Never Thought I Would Say)

Chalk me up as one of those guys that thinks "remakes" are generally terrible. Terrible ideas that usually get executed terribly...but this one may just be an exception if the trailer is any indication. I literally LOL'd several times throughout this thing. Dear god, please don't let this be one of those times when all the best parts of the movie get shown in the trailer. KB

Friends. How Many Of Us Have Them?

I put myself in debt last year to help a friend out, even though I probably needed the help more than they did. I'm JUST digging myself out from under that debt now. Anyways, I didn't say anything to that friend, because they needed the help & their life was literally in danger. When it came time for that friend to similarly help me out (although my situation wasn't as life threatening and to clarify, it didn't require them paying me back a penny), I basically got "sorry, but I gotta take care of me". That person is no longer my friend, though as they pointed out they "did everything they were legally required to". Reality is, I wasn't "legally" required to do shit when I helped them, but if

Canada just adopted a law protecting people who report drug overdoses

A friend of mine passed away because the people she was with didn't report her overdose...even though she was across the street from a hospital. I'm in full support of this. May 4, 2017: The Good Samaritan Drug Overdose Act received royal assent on Thursday, meaning it now the law of the land. Health Minister Jane Philpott told reporters after the final vote that it’s a “good news day” because drug users will now be able to dial 911 without fear of prosecution. “The difference between life and death may be that 911 phone call.” Why was it proposed? One of the main reasons why people don’t call 911 when someone overdoses is a fear that they will be prosecuted in some way. Bill C-224 seeks to

Happy "Thank God I'm Canadian" Day!

Also known as the day the "pro-life" Republicans voted to repeal Obamacare (except for Congress and their staffers...no...seriously) & replace it with #Trumpcare which lists these things as "pre-existing conditions": - rape - domestic violence - postpartum depression - C-sections Wait...don't these things mostly affect women? Good thing President Trump has a "moderating" force for good in the White House like his daughter, Ivanka, eh? These are also considered "pre-existing conditions" under #Trumpcare Why, it's almost like if you aren't already in perfect health in every way, they don't want you to have health insurance 🤔 Emphasis on "you". As in "you people". "The poors". "Kenny! You're b

Fyre Festival Was A Sh*tshow!

By now you've all read / heard about the event that wasn't Fyre Festival. So much has been covered, I don't really see a need to go in depth, but these two articles touch on just why and how something so bad happened. Arrogance. Specifically, rich kid arrogance. This kind of arrogance, the kind that makes people with money who are successful in one industry (or in this case, a trust fund kid that was born into alot of money) think it guarantees them success in ours, is why so many of these events, restaurants and nightclubs fail. "I was flying in March 14th to get the planning started"...for an event that would host thousands and was 6 weeks away? Major red flag. And here's a timeline of how

What can I do if my neighbours are smoking cannabis? Read what action you can take

This...isn't an article from the ONION, but since it is from the UK tabloid The Mirror, it should be taken just as seriously. I'm guessing they think is solving a serious problem for their readers. Check this out (hopefully whilst high, so you can have a good laugh). But what can you do if you step outside your home and get a whiff of something not exactly legal from your neighbours? May I be so bold as to suggest that if your response to this question isn't: 1. Knock on your neighbours door and ask "yo, can I hit that fam?" 2. Knock on your neighbours door and say "yo, have you tried this yet?" and offer them some of your own artisanal ganja. 3. Knock on your neighbours door and offer them

The American Civil War For Dummies (Meaning You, Donald Trump)

So of course I wake up to Trump talking about the Civil War 🙄 For anyone that's wondering: It wasn't to free Black ppl. As in, it was about money, not morality. It was a war over the direction of the US economy and immigration. Enslaved Black ppl working for free in the south, meant lower wages for all the ("White") people & immigrants in the North. It also meant unfair competition between shit the South was producing for cheap (they weren't paying anyone remember?) vs what the North was producing. For an example see why the US won't shut up about Canadian softwood lumber for the past what? 30 years? They think bc our wood is on Crown land, the costs aren't the same, therefore we can produc

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