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Toronto Woman Climbs Up A Crane And Straight Into My Heart #CraneBae

Listen, after my last relationship if this is as bad as it gets with this girl...sign me up! A young woman is facing a mischief charge after she spent hours in the dark, perched on a towering crane high above downtown Toronto, before she was rescued by a firefighter in a daring operation on Wednesday morning. The unidentified woman became stuck on a construction crane’s hook block, dangling approximately 20 storeys above the ground. The incident left even seasoned high-angle rescuers puzzled by how she wound up there. Hours after being spotted by area residents in the darkness, the woman was lowered to the ground after being harnessed to a rappelling firefighter at approximately 8:30 a.m. Al

Cara DeLevingne Shaves Her Head For New Movie 'Life In A Year' With Jaden Smith

For their new romantic drama, Life In A Year, two stars who are known for their locks are shedding them! First it was Jaden Smith, who's dad Will seemed to take extreme pleasure in shorning his sons dreads. And now, Victoria's Secret model and Suicide Squad's own Cara DeLevigne has gone even further and completely shaved her head for her role too! In the film, they play a young couple that falls in love..only to discover Cara's character has terminal cancer. It's definitely a new look and type of film for them both. And oh yeah...here are the custom #HometownLove shirts we are producing for the stars and cast, with 100% of proceeds going to Eva's Initiatives For Homeless Youth in Toronto. A

Watch Prince's Debut Performance Of Purple Rain In 1983

In honour of Prince's death anniversary, check out this insanely rare video of the now iconic ballad "Purple Rain" live in 1983 at First Avenue in Minneapolis. This is the first time the song Purple Rain was ever performed live and this performance was the bare bones used on the album and in the movie. This is a part of history that I hope is never lost. RIP Prince. KB

REBEL With Green Velvet Saturday April 22nd 2017

Join me every Saturday at REBEL Entertainment Complex. The best and biggest nightclub in Canada. Click Here To RSVP for VIP guestlist: Complimentary entry, line bypass & all access to every room inside REBEL. KB

How Poverty Changes the Brain

This isn't the first study of it's kind, but I had a nasty encounter with someone online who was "trying" to compliment me for being smart. He then went on to talk about The Bell Curve, etc... Thankfully I'm pretty well educated on alot of different things and this is one of the arguments I used to shut him down. You saw the pictures in science class—a profile view of the human brain, sectioned by function. The piece at the very front, right behind where a forehead would be if the brain were actually in someone’s head, is the pre-frontal cortex. It handles problem-solving, goal-setting, and task execution. And it works with the limbic system, which is connected and sits closer to the center

Matador Ballroom owner ready to sell after latest roadblock By City Of Toronto

This is infuriating. As reported by the CBC: "Paul McCaughey says city rejected his latest plan because it believes he’s trying to open a nightclub" The owner of the shuttered Matador Ballroom says he's almost ready to give up once and for all on his dream of reopening the historic venue in the west end after seven years of negotiations with the city. Paul McCaughey, who bought the century-old venue at Dovercourt Road and College Street in 2010, got word on Friday that his latest plan for the space has been rejected. It's the 12th one he's submitted to the city over the last seven years. His most recent plan, submitted to the city, was in fact for a "combination restaurant, artist's studio,

Around Toronto: Get Fit With Tae-She At Calii Love!

Tae-She is a new butt busting workout created by my friend Melanie Dardanou, designed with the female body in mind! Tae-she blends together Tae-kwon-do & Karate techniques as well as 'shape tailoring' exercises for the female body. What's cool about Tae-She: By women, for women Covering basics & proper form to ensure you're getting the most out of the class Warm-up & muscle activation Tae-Kwon-Do kicking and punching techniques Circuit/Tabata style training including : kicking/punching combinations, drills, booty and abs circuits and burnouts Individual bag work; various punching and kicking combinations that progress throughout the program Cooldown & stretching for increased mobility Small

Toronto's Getting A Victoria Day Long Weekend Lobster Festival Down By The Water!

Montreal's world renowned Lobster Clam Jam is making it's way to Toronto! Victoria Long Weekend, Saturday May 20th & Sunday May 21st (12pm-9pm) @ Cabana Pool Bar! This is an all day, family friendly event (kids under 12 are free), where we can enjoy the best of Toronto's culinary scene with fun, food, games for kids, music and more! LOBSTER CLAM JAM is a highly acclaimed outdoor food festival. Not just for seafood lovers, this affordable, family-oriented culinary showcase offers guests the opportunity to experience the creations of a variety of renowned local chefs and restaurants. - Oliver & Bonacini Restaurants - The Food Dudes - Blowfish Restaurant + Sake Bar - Patria - Buster's Sea

Featured Photos From REBEL | Saturday April 15th, 2017

This Saturday April 22nd, we have legendary producer, GREEN VELVET DJ'ing inside our House Music room, NOIR so it's going to be crazy! Remember these classics? Green Velvet - La La Land Green Velvet - Shake & Pop Advanced tickets have been FLYING out the window. We're restricting access to the room for non-ticket holders until 1AM, so RSVP and get on my guestlist: Free before 11:30pm Line bypass (if you've seen the lines at REBEL, you know how important this is) All access VIP stamps to every room, including NOIR when GV goes on! Check out these pics from last week and Click HERE to get on my VIP guestlist! Enjoy!

What I Learned Hanging Out On Set With Will Smith And His Family Last Week

So big homie's back in town. He's producing a film starring his son, Jaden Smith, Cara DeLevigne & Cuba Gooding Jr. One of my best buddies is his brother-in-law, Caleb...Jada's younger brother. Who also happens to be the President of Overbrook Entertainment, Will's production company. We connected a couple years ago when they were shooting Suicide Squad and have remained friends ever since. The mind has a funny way of playing with your emotions. I would consider that entire 6 months of filming Suicide Squad as life changing. I was beyond inspired. I went from watching Will Smith on my broken black and white TV in my foster home to working for the man himself, making sure his family was well

Something Stinks In Scarborough: John Tory "Allegedly" Behind One-Stop Subway Lobby Group!

I'm not no political expert, but as far as I know, the mayor of the city shouldn't be pressuring private corporations to create fake "grassroots" lobbying groups to advocate at city hall, then act like he didn't know about it! To me, Tory has a habit of acting "objective and impartial" while working behind the scenes to manipulate city council to do his bidding. This is the third time John tory has been caught "playing politics" in quite a shameful manner! First in "publicly" supporting Syrian refugees, then getting his staff to tell other councillors not to. Then, he publicly supported a gender equality motion...then had his office lobby his allies in city council to vote against it. And no

PartyNextDoor, Travis Scott and More Come Out To EFS To Support NAV!

Nav is a Toronto native and The Weeknd's newest artist. His concert at The Mod Club sold out in 5 minutes after it was announced, just like The Weeknd's did when he was about to blow up! He also had some A-list support in rappers Travis Scott and PartyNextDoor and they all came to EFS to support him for our official afterparty!

A-TRAK At REBEL | Saturday April 8th, 2017

Man, what a night! A-Trak was on fire! #RevolutionSaturdays at REBEL Come party in the biggest, loudest and craziest club in Canada! RSVP for VIP list / tables. I'll get you all access wristbands and help you have the time of your life! Every Saturday! 647.710.0436 #KenBryanPresents

We’re asking the Province to compare the Scarborough subway to the LRT option

Listen, I don't know what the hell is going on with John Tory, but this man has shown nothing but a Trumpian disdain for facts. His "promise" to voters was to improve transit with SmartTrack, not a 3 BILLION dollar One-stop subway that won't increase transit for Scarborough. He's refusing to budge from his position and so, its time to call the adults to the table (crazy, I know...but this is where we're at). TTCRiders.ca is petitioning the Provincial government to intervene. John Tory and his cronies don't want a public side by side comparison of the cost-effectiveness of a 24 stop LRT network vs. a one-stop Subway. That is NOT good governance. We DEMAND the province order this before releas

#KenBryanPresents | REBEL | Saturday April 1st

Amazing night at REBEL as usual. The performers from Black Mohawk Productions add so much to the overall entertainment, with the crazy sound and lights! Join me this week as we celebrate Saturdays with legendary DJ, A-TRAK! CLICK HERE Enjoy the pics from last Saturday April 1st :)

Tina Fey Puts White Women On Blast For Voting For Trump “You Can’t Look Away”

All the pink pussy hats in the world won't change that a majority of White women (53%) voted FOR Donald Trump. They voted for his "pussy grabbing". They voted for his "border wall". They voted for his Muslim Ban. It's...almost as if their privileged place in our society was to be protected and they didn't really give a fuck that Women Of Colour would feel the brunt of these harmful policies more than they would. Something that Black Feminists have been saying for years. #SolidarityIsForWhiteWomen: women of color's issue with digital feminism "It appeared that these feminists were, once again, dismissing women of color (WOC) in favor of a brand of solidarity that centers on the safety and com


Located at 296 Brunswick Ave, Toronto’s new arcade bar Tilt has recently shared a letter on their website explaining that they’ve been evicted in favour of a new buyer that wishes to turn that property into a “boutique hotel.” The letter goes into detail, explaining how the bar was presented with the eviction notice and the situation that its upstairs tenants have been placed in. “In mid February, the building at 296 Brunswick was sold, our new landlord came in while I was working behind the bar, introduced himself to me, handed me a letter informing us that our lease was being terminated in twelve months and then walked away. It made for an anxious night, and also an anxious couple of weeks

Kellie Leitch's War On Elites Is Funded By Billionaires & Millionaire CEO's!

By this time we should know that populist garbage is just that. Populist garbage. Turns out Dr. Kellie Leitch (who likes to insist people call her that), who is courageously waging a war against horrible things the "elite" is forcing on us (like freedom and equality for all mankind) is bankrolled by...millionaires and billionaires. Disturbingly, this number includes people right here in Toronto including our Mayor, John Tory's wife, Barbara Hackett. Understandable, since Leitch's evil mastermind, Nick Kouvalis was also Tory's campaign chairman. Who's Nick Kouvalis? The lovely human being who thinks people welcoming refugees (from wars that the Conservative Party Of Canada championed) were "T

HISPANIC-Owned Businesses DOMINATE Bids For Trump's 'Xenophobic' Border Wall

There's a thinkpiece about how "diversity" on it's own isn't enough and this would be a great example. It's not unheard of historically for the privileged few within marginalized groups to "get theirs" within a system of White Supremacy. Of course, this kind of news is just used as "justification" by some people that Trump's wall totally isn't racist. smh. Trump's proposed border wall has been described by many of the left as everything from "xenophobic" to just plain "racist" and pretty much everything in between. That said, perhaps "equal opportunity employer" would be more accurate in light of a new analysis from the Wall Street Journal that took a look at who has submitted bids to help c

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