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Opioid Deaths Plummet In States That Legalized Marijuana

Apparently weed IS a gateway drug...to a longer life for some people. Source. “In states that legalized medical marijuana, U.S. hospitals failed to see a predicted influx of pot smokers, but in an unexpected twist, they treated far fewer opioid users, a new study shows. Shocking. I know. It's almost as if...marijuana's a less harmful, less addictive, yet highly effective means of pain management. “Hospitalization rates for opioid painkiller dependence and abuse dropped on average 23 percent in states after marijuana was permitted for medical purposes, the analysis found. Hospitalization rates for opioid overdoses dropped 13 percent on average.” Why, who would have thought that presenting peo

Toronto City Council Votes Down Facts on Scarborough Transit

Not sure what it is with Conservatives and their aversion to facts. If it's not Donald Trump stopping the EPA from using science to make decisions, it's John Tory and his cadre of ne'er do wells blocking a perfectly reasonable "apples to apples" business case comparison of the LRT network vs. a one-stop subway. The vote comes amidst lingering confusion about the impact of the subway extension as far as ridership and time savings are concerned. The debate has been hamstrung, largely by the spread of misinformation by pro-subway councillors. Mayor Tory has claimed in recent weeks, for example, that the subway extension will shave 15 to 20 minutes off the commute for Scarborough residents. That

Once More With Feeling: Buffy The Vampire Slayer Turns 20!

Entertainment Weekly recently brought together the cast of Buffy The Vampire Slayer for a 20 year reunion! I absolutely love Buffy and here's some takes from one of their most groundbreaking episodes, an Emmy nominated musical edition called "Once More With Feeling", where an evil demon takes over the town and everyone sings and dances themselves to death. Enjoy :) KB

Who To Know: Leslieville's Karen McRae, Ethically Sourced Custom Engagement Rings And More!

Our good friend and talented Canadian jewellery designer Karen MacRae's custom engagement ring design shop, On the Other Hand, is featured in the Toronto Guardian this month. Karen is a super talented artist who can turn a banana leaf into a beautiful wedding band design - this is what she made for her own hubby! Karen's partner, Sabrina Melendez is a master goldsmith and new mom, who graduated from Ecoles des Arts Appliques de Geneve Tech in 2009. Together, they combine sensibility, an eye for creative design and technical skill to produce some real "gems" ;) With a focus on ethically sourced and recycled materials, every ring, (necklace or bracelet) is hand crafted from solid gold or silv

REBEL In Toronto - Enchanted Forest Spring Celebration

Montreal's Black Mohawk Productions is back at REBEL in Toronto for a full month of shows! Aerialists, animatronic creatures, performers, contortionists and more with special "haunted forest" decor ring in Spring in Canada's biggest nightclub! RSVP HERE to join me every Saturday at REBEL! No lines, no hassles & complimentary all access VIP passes! KB


My friends at StyleDemocracy are teaming up with Nordstrom for another warehouse sale and the savings are MAJAH! How majah? THIS MAJAH!!! StyleDemocracy not only wants you save you up to 80% off Nordstrom's regular retail price, they also want to give you a chance to win two $500 shopping sprees AND another 10% off if you join their StyleDemocracy INsider program!! KB The The Nordstrom Warehouse Sale Toronto is back in the GTA from Monday, April 10 to Monday, April 17th with up to 80% off your favourite labels and designers. To celebrate, we're giving away two $500 shopping sprees! Here's how to enter (each option counts as one entry): 1. Like + Share this post 2. Tag 3 friends who you wan

Saturday March 25th - ENCHANTED AT REBEL

"Basically Cirque Du Soleil on a Saturday night". That's how one of my friends described the amazing monthly theatrical installations and performances, Montreal based artist collective, "Black Mohawk Productions" provides for us at REBEL on Saturdays. The last time they were here, we saw REBEL transformed into a winter wonderland with, aerialists, pole dancers, wandering creatures and dancers of all kinds entertaining our guests throughout the night. We are happy to announce that Spring has sprung and BLACK MOHAWK IS BACK! Join me this Saturday as REBEL is transformed into an enchanted forest, with all manner of intricately designed creatures with amazing choreography and performances. CLICK

FIGURES: Something Old Is New Again In Yorkville

I want to invite you to my new weekly Friday night spot. It's been 7 months since #InGoodCompanyFridays on the Thompson rooftop ended and I've been taking my time to find the right place, for the right people to congregate and have a fun, grown up Friday night together. Happy to announce: I've found it! When my buddy Patrick Marzouk asked me to come take a look at his new venue in Yorkville, I didn't know what to expect. Well, what I found blew me away. Located at 137 Avenue Rd in the old Coco Lezzone location, hidden behind a secret wall in a vintage comic / toy collectible shop is a world built on childhood imagination and grown up luxury. Imagine an intimate supper club, with a michelin t

RIP Rob Ford: 1 Year Today

RIP to the biggest boss, ever. I hated the man's politics, but I never hated the man himself. To be honest, he's the type of dude I'd probably party with. I always saw him as a George W. Bush type...someone who didn't really want any of this shit, but went along with it anyways, because it's what's expected of him. I can honestly say I miss this guy. I always said the only silver lining to his mayoralty would be that his ideas would be so glaringly wrong and his personality so caustic that none of the stupid shit he would want to do would pass. And I was right. Enter John Tory, a seemingly more "reasonable" man with ideas just as, if not worse than Rob Ford's...and we are about to be saddled

Why Justin Bieber Is Not A Douchebag

After years of being a bouncer, I know douchebags when I see them. No, it's not their dress, the music they listen to or the clubs they hang out at. Nope. It's their mentality. It's their complete obliviousness to their own personal and social failings that they unironically wave in the faces of those that can't stand them. Look at this picture. This is NOT a douchebag. This is a good, Canadian kid that's fighting a battle billions around the world are. Except we don't have to do it like this. I would wager that no one knows Justin Bieber better than Justin Bieber and at times his petulant, pouty, behaviour is a result of him knowing himself and wondering "how can these people claim to love


#RevolutionSaturdays at REBEL Nightclub: an immersive nightlife experience with the craziest sound, lighting & entertainment this side of Vegas. Come party in the biggest, loudest and craziest club in Canada! RSVP for VIP list / tables. I'll get you all access wristbands and help you have the time of your life! Every Saturday! 647.710.0436 #KenBryanPresents To join me at REBEL every Saturday, Click Here

Pete Tong Plays At REBEL This Saturday!

SATURDAY MARCH 11TH Legendary BBC Radio 1 DJ Pete Tong hits our house music room NOIR upstairs in REBEL. Tickets are $15 in advance and can be purchased here. Keep in mind we sell out every week without a massive DJ like this spinning, so please grab your tickets NOW & arrive early! Check out NOIR in action here: KB

Pics: Kirk Wilson Foundation Fundraiser w/ Nelly Furtado 03.06.2017

Our fundraiser for Kirk Wilson was a great success ...thanks to all who showed up to support. Also worth noting that we sold way more tickets online than people who came, so big thank you to everyone that supported by buying a ticket as well. Big thank you to everyone who donated items for the silent auction and major props to Nelly Furtado for coming out and showing love to Kirk as well. To see the rest of these pics, please visit my facebook page. KB

Air Canada, Tim Hortons & McDonald's Are Sponsoring An Event Celebrating A Nazi

Yep. You heard that right. An actual Nazi. As CBC is reporting today: Canadian organizers of an international celebration of women in aviation are standing by their decision to honour Hanna Reitsch, who was the first woman to fly a helicopter in 1937 — and, some historians say, an unrepentant Nazi. "She was an amazing pilot," said Mireille Goyer, the founder and president of the Institute for Women of Aviation Worldwide (WOAW), the group co-ordinating a week of events now underway, timed to coincide with International Women's Day. Goyer chose Reitsch as this year's pilot to be feted in videos and on posters. She said up to 50,000 women and girls are taking part in a variety of events on four

On International Womens Day, The Trudeaus Show Us How To Not Do Feminism

I know, I know, compared to the flaming dumpster fire going on south of our border, we have it pretty good. But, just like I learned when it came to our Mayoral race "not Rob Ford", is a horrible qualifier to run our city. And I'm learning that "not Donald Trump" is a terrible way to judge our politicians. Don't get me wrong, Justin Trudeau is a MUCH better choice than Stephen Harper, but we can't be satisfied with him not being Satan incarnate. He can and should do much better than he currently is. Putting a pretty face, nice smile, gorgeous hair and toned tush on "liberal" in name only ideology while governing just left of Harper will not suffice. I have no doubt the Trudeau's are well mea

How Donald Trump Gets His News

Donald Trumps's tweeting again. This time that he "found out" that President Obama "hacked" his phones at Trump tower. Now WHERE did Trump "find out" this info? From the daily intelligence briefings he refuses to be a part of? Or the ones he DOES look at...as long as they have alot of pictures? Nope. He got it from Breitbart. Thursday: Friday: Saturday: For further proof of this hypothesis: It's gotten so bad that the Twittersphere is now accurately predicting WHICH bits of bad news Trump is gonna parrot after he finishes watching FOX 😂 It goes without saying of course, that ignoring intelligence from, ya know...the intelligence community while publicly pushing biased, "fake news" from FOX

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