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Day 10 Of The Trumpocalypse: Trump Breaks America

The US has 3 branches of government to prevent dictatorship using separation of powers. Executive (President), Legislative (Congress who passes laws) & Judiciary (judges who interpret the constitution to make sure the laws are constitutional). Trump just neutered the judiciary. Not only did he remove the Judiciary from the White House website after the judge said his #MuslimBan was illegal. Now Federal Marshals are NOT complying with their obligation to uphold the constitution and arrest the people who are in contempt of the judiciary. People who were being detained are STILL being detained and Federal marshals are "awaiting word" from an Attorney General, despite an Attorney General asking

[PICS] REBEL Saturdays 1.28.2017

If you'd like to join me and my friends in Canada's biggest club with the craziest party, CLICK HERE. I host every Saturday and would love to help you have the night of your life!

Day 8 Of The Trumpocalypse: On Holocaust Remembrance Day, Trump Signs Muslim Ban Into Law

(4 yr old potential terrorist handcuffed with her family thanks to Trump's Muslim ban.) He also didn't mention "Jews" or antisemitism in his #HolocaustRememberanceDay address. Could that have anything to do with the White Nationalist, Stephen Miller who organized White power talks at Duke with Richard Spencer? Trump's Newest Senior Adviser Seen as a White Nationalist Ally The same Stephen Miller who most likely has a hand in writing all of Trump's executive orders and that Holocaust remembrance letter? Trump's DIRECTOR Of Policy?

Day 7 Of The Trumpocalypse: AY CARAMBA!

An ongoing tally of all the fuckery leading up to armageddon Following his announcement of building a billion dollar concrete wall to keep Mexicans out, Trump suggested a 20% tax on all goods coming from Mexico. That would supposedly also include food. Which means the cost of food in America would sky rocket. Hopefully all those "Working class" White people who are having such a tough go of it right now have stocks invested in energy and prisons, because they're gonna need all that added wealth from somewhere when an avocado costs $10. The problem here is Trump is an idiot racist, who's supported by millions of other idiot racists. When they think of Mexico http://foreignpolicy.com/2017/01/2

TBT: Classic Justin Timberlake

Can you believe these songs were released 15 years ago?! Justin Timberlake - What Goes Around...Comes Around Justin Timberlake - Cry Me A River (Official) Now, as happy as I am that JT is happily married and shit...all this fire music came from Brittany Spears allegedly breaking his heart and cheating on him...sheeeeit.

Hot New Music: Skateboard P - MadeInTYO

(MadeInTYO) Breaking through huge last year with his cult classic, #UBEREverywhere, MadeInTYO (Made in Tokyo) has another smash on his hands with the highly catchy...Skateboard P. This is an unofficial video, with street dancer @SheLovesMeechie. Learn these moves and the song. Thank me later.

Kirk Wilson's Family Fundraiser Is Coming And It's Gonna Be Huge!

This article originally appeared in TRC To help raise money for the family of beloved Kirk Wilson, who was lost in the aftermath of the tragic shooting at The BPM Festival in Mexico, Toronto’s entertainment community is offering its support by hosting a fundraising event in Kirk’s honour on Monday March 6th, 2017 at REBEL. DOORS OPEN AT 7PM. Note: The owners, staff and promoters fromToronto's major nightlife industry groups who Kirk worked for are coming together for this one: INK Entertainment (REBEL, Cabana, Weslodge, Patria, etc), John Doe Group (EFS, The Addisons, OMAW) and CAPTURE (Everleigh, Maison, Portland Variety, etc). I've never been more proud of our industry for this one. This i

Do All Lives Really Matter In Toronto?

I am not anti-Police by any measure. I just wish my experiences allowed me to feel about the institution the same way many of you do. I know plenty of amazing individual officers who genuinely mean well. But when an INSTITUTION has a systemic problem, it must be fixed. Something like policing can't only work for some of us some of the time. People's lives are on the line. That's how much power the police have. That is not something that should be taken lightly. EVERYONE's lives should matter and be treated with the same care when you have the power to literally destroy someone's life. Right? So...with that being said, this whole HIV/AIDS thing from a violent arrest where an officer was attac

Day 5 Of The Trumpocalypse: The Gagging Of America

An ongoing tally of all the fuckery leading up to armageddon. Just today alone, Trump has: 1. Banned any Federal data showing housing discrimination / disparities. 2. Banned The EPA & National Park Service from talking about climate science and they've deleted any previous tweets. 3. Banned the USDA (we get ALOT of food from US, so this should worry us) food data 4. Blocked insurance companies from funding abortions. 5. Reversed decisions on Keystone XL & Dakota Access Pipeline. 6. Oh yeah, Trump's new health secretary runs an organization that doesn't think HIV causes AIDS and believes abortions cause breast cancer. And tomorrow? "Refugee" ban from all the countries the US destabili

Violence Is As Violence Does

This has been one of the more frustrating times for me as a person. All over the Twittershpere, White moderates are coming out to defend Richard Spencer, the leader of the #AltRight because he got punched in the face by the Black Bloc while giving an interview on the street. I'm not sure which part of being a good person also includes defending Nazi's, but amazingly there has been no shortage of people who claim to be "liberals" coming out in defence of Richard's right to publicly preach hate. Nick Spencer, ironically is the lead writer of Captain America. You know, the guy that's famous for punching Nazi's. Well, that is until Spencer got a hold of him. Then he became a Nazi. (For the unin

Let My People Party

With the news of REBEL applying for an extension to their current license, which will see the legal occupancy swell to 15,000 (7000+ inside, 7000+ outside) we have a group of entrepreneurs who are looking to create the largest nightclub on earth. The combined indoor / outdoor capacity for what is currently Cabana Pool Bar and REBEL Entertainment Complex put it firmly ahead of the current largest nightclub on earth, Privilege in Ibiza (10,000 people). Of course the familiar hand wringing from city councillors and neighbours along the waterfront have started, because god forbid people want to have a good time near anyone else. The fact that a nightclub of this size is even feasible is a testam

Tomi Lahren's Lying Ya'll

I don't know what's with this girl's obsession with Black people man. lol. Those marches were White as hell! You mean to tell me, some random Black Power militants happened to find her and attack her? And she didn't film it?! 😂


This is the second friend of mine that's succeeded after multiple suicide attempts since October. Our system isn't perfect, but we need to change how we treat people that constantly try to take their own lives. I know that the pain becomes too much sometimes. The tattoos that cover my forearms are there for a reason. But what I've learned past the pain is that so are all of us. Last year I had to fight to get a friend the help he needs. He had been admitted both against his own will and at his own behest in various forms of distress to CAMH and despite doing things that endangered his own life (hopping balconies 30 floors up, barefoot in the dead of winter while having a psychotic break) the

Are You A Brand For Canada?

I'm happy to be helping out with a great event next month called the United Hearts Gala in support of Brands For Canada. A non-profit organization that works with Canadian brands to ensure Canadians living below the poverty line have access to proper clothing and other basic essentials necessary for a dignified and prosperous life. "We provide NEW, donated clothing, plus NEW personal care and NEW houseware items, at no cost, to people living in poverty." These items are collected from participating brands across Canada and distributed to those in need through specifically selected, trusted social service agencies. They serve a broad scope of Canadians—the homeless, abused women and chi

One Of Toronto's Most Legendary Doormen Tragically Killed At BPM In Mexico

The entire city of Toronto is in mourning over the loss of Kirk Wilson. Kirk was one of 15 people shot and one of 5 killed at BPM in Mexico. A legendary doorman, known for his size and amazing demeanour. I've had the pleasure of working with Kirk and seeing him in action throughout the years. Most notably for me, he was in charge of Will Smith's security detail when we brought him to Cabana. A GoFundMe has been setup to aid his wife and two children. Being a doorman is a hard, thankless, job. Alot of doorman don't give the job the honour it deserves. By the thousands of tributes pouring in internationally, you know Kirk Wilson embodied the best of the profession. RIP Kirk. It was an honour g

Young Thug Releases Glorious Mess Of A New Music Video

I think it's been noted for a while now that Rappers are the new Rock Stars. There's nothing more rock n roll than Young Thug's new video for his song Wyclef Jean. No, not for it's debaucherous excess, but for it's straight up "don't give a fuck" attitude...and it's (purposeful?) skewering of debaucherous excess and Thug's unprofessionalism. Tell me this wasn't genius. Somehow this was the most creative rap music video I've seen in forever. Long live Rock n Roll


This was legit the craziest NYE countdown I've ever been a part of. This is how you ring in the new year, with thousands of people and a surreal audio/visual experience. If you're gonna go big...go REBEL!! Ken Bryan Presents REBEL every Saturday. Toronto's largest indoor / outdoor, Vegas style mega club. Come experience the revolution of nightlife! RSVP for VIP guestlist / table service. 647.710.0436 / ken@4tune.ca

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