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Twitter U: 1831 Jamaican Slave Rebellion

I follow some really smart people on Twitter. This is an ongoing series I call: Twitter U. Cause the learning never stops and comes at you in 140 chars. Today's "class" is brought to you by Historian Liam Hogan. I first discovered him because he was doing Yeoman's work disassembling the "Irish slaves" myth. As an Irish Historian it troubled him that this fallacy was cynically being used to silence Black people by White Nationalists and to boost Irish Nationalism. He touches on a number of subjects in his tweets and always provides back up in the form of documents. He's definitely someone worth a follow. KB

Steph Curry Isn't Happy After Last Night's Loss

The NBA certainly gave us a gift yesterday on Christmas. Golden State lost to the CAVS in humiliating fashion: Blowing a 14 point 4th quarter lead and their stars getting dunked on by 36 yr old Richard Jefferson (this guy loves EFS by the way, he's always there when he's in town). Can you blame Klay Thompson for being a little pissed? It’s Christmas and instead of hanging with his family, he’s getting dunked on by a 36-year old, missing wide-open layups, having a game-winner made on him and having to answer questions about losing a 14-point lead to a team they lost a 3-1 lead to in the NBA Finals. And to top it all off, their two time reigning back to back MVP was BENCHED for the last play o

RIP George Michael

Legendary musician George Michael has passed away from heart failure at 53. I remember the 1st time I heard "Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go" my grandmother was getting ready for work and this song was on the radio...I was literally just waking up when it came on. His music defined so much of my childhood and adolescence...I remember staying up for hours playing One More Try over and over and singing it non-stop. I was 13 and just experienced my first heartbreak. Like the old saying goes: When you're young you know the song, when you're older you understand the lyrics. RIP to an absolute legend, man. He came out so long ago and there are still so many closeted stars nowadays...fearing how it wou

#TakeMyMoney - Floyd Mayweather Vs. Conor McGregor

Listen man, I haven't purchased PPV since Wrestlemania 17! And even though I know this match will be a farce, I will gladly hand over many a bitcoin to see this happen. The promo alone would be worth the price of admission! Yes, this will be a massive payday for both gents, maybe the highest ever in sports history, but you take a heel like Money Mayweather & a kind of heel like McGregor and you put all them zeroes and their loud mouths in a months long promotion, the laughs will ensue and the fight will be entertaining. KB

[PICS] REBEL - Saturday Dec 10th, 2016

Another amazing night for the history books. Extra special because my fave DJ killed it for her bday! We definitely have to get her back to spin in our new House Music room, called NOIR! Join me every Saturday at REBEL! Complimentary all access VIP wristbands & no cover. First come, first served. For VIP tables / RSVP ken@4tune.ca 647.710.0436

New Music: Chris Brown - Post And Delete

Whew. This short snippet Chris posted of his new track with Future's new artist, Zoey Dollaz is Fire! If only Chris Brown could get his shit together. For real, this guy should be making movies and winning Grammy's, but instead...he's busy claiming gangs, when we literally watched him grow up in front of us from Nowheresville Virginia. lol. For more info on Future's new artist, check out this XXL Freshman video and his track, Bad Ting. KB

Ronda Rousey Plays World Of Warcraft...For Real!

I've been playing this damn game for 10 years. It's actually hilarious, because half the doormen on King West used to play as well, so it's pretty cool to see a big celebrity like Ronda, especially a player talking about it. And she's legit...because most people do start off as Night Elf Hunters 😂 That being said, if anyone else wants to play ME, I'm on the MoonGuard server. My Alliance main is my Demon Hunter, Kaalimaa and my Horde toon is my Blood Elf Monk, Newada...if you don't know what I'm talking about, you're not cool like Ronda or me. lol. KB

NSFW: Bella Hadid Covers Paper Mag

The art direction of these photos is BEYOND! She needs to smile in photos more. OMG! Personality! Slaying on the runway...could do with a smile though. Jesus, lady...SMILE! You can't be a supermodel with one look. For the full thing, including how she was rejected for the VS runway last year, click here. KB

It's REALLY Not About Race

Sometimes it's tough having conversations with people who don't know as much about a subject as I do, but insist on "arguing" with me as if we're on a level playing field of knowledge. For one, I don't "argue" to win. I debate to learn. It's tough when people don't even know what they don't know. For instance, had a discussion with a dude who called me "racist" for referring to White people...as White people. I informed him that the "racists" would be the "White" people that codified "Whiteness" into law in the 1700's, because if you were "considered White", your life mattered more... Race is and has always been a SOCIAL construct. We look really different, depending on where we're from, but

I Love It When A Plan Comes Together

It's no secret I love to party. Hell, I love it so much I've made a career out of it. Which, considering I grew up painfully shy was no small feat. Difference between me and alot of other party animals is I don't like partying for the sake of partying. I LOVE when the party is authentic. Good people. Good vibes. Good energy and good music. Enter DJ Vally Tee. I met her when I was doing Thompson Hotel #InGoodCompanyFridays. She was the resident DJ in the lobby and even though I was only doing the roof, my parties were so packed I would end up in the lobby with all my people who couldn't get up there due to capacity. And every. Single. Time. I was down there, I would find myself hopping along

For Whom The Road Tolls

John Tory is in the news for wanting road tolls. He has challenged his critics to come up with a better plan. Challenge. Accepted. 1. Cancel the billion dollar, Scarborough subway stop. There's $3.2 BILLION taxpayer dollars saved. Not including the millions that it will cost us to keep paying for it yearly, since it's projected to lose money due to low ridership. In it's place, listen to the experts and bring back REAL, cheaper, transit options. And divert some of those billions you were looking to waste to anti-poverty initiatives. It can even be transit related, like subsidizing tickets, tokens and passes for the working poor to help them get around the city. It's appalling that in a city

Fashion Santa: A Gift From The Heart

I've known Paul for 3 years. He was "Fashion Santa" then. It just didn't blow up until last year. I liked his look in general and did a bunch of events with him for Fashion week, TOM, etc and when I asked him about the beard, he told me about his mom dying and growing it out of grief. He's always been a model, but his career really took off with the beard. I told him in a weird way, it was his moms final gift to him. And him taking that grief and deciding to pay it forward by being "Fashion Santa", then it blowing up 2 years later was a gift from her. What YORKDALE did is disgusting on a number of levels, but not uncommon in the business world. For everyone saying "first world problem", you'

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