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Every Millennial Needs To Read This

I love Twitter. I get more news and opinions on there than from the MSM. There are alot of smart people on there once you figure it out. Millennial bashing seems to be the new national sport and this millennial absolutely SHREDS the b.s. that's being piled on them. And I love it. On Millenial "laziness". On Millenial work ethic and brand loyalty. On the real estate market. On the labour market. Basically you're dealing with a highly informed, empowered, socially aware and brand conscious generation that ain't gonna take your shit anymore. YASSS! PREACH! Or as the kids would say... KB

Bike Lanes, Bike Lanes, Bike Lanes!

I would do this, but tear up the ones on Adelaide and Richmond. Those lanes were already tight and with all the construction on both streets, completely unnecessary (only went in, because Rob Ford destroyed the ones on Jarvis, a much wider street) with this additional biking infrastructure to clog them up more. I know I for one, would ride alot more because it would be alot safer with protected bike lanes criss crossing the city like this.

There's One Person In Toronto Who Isn't Very Happy With Drake Tonight

Drake is the Raptors "Global Ambassador" as such, he gets some pretty special perks...like getting his own night at Raptors games. He's a pretty big deal in Toronto in case you didn't know. But someone isn't impressed. lol. He playfully interrupted The Warriors star Kevin Durant during his post game interview (Raps lost 127-121) and I think Kevin Durant, both from the death stare he gave Drake and his response to the interviewers question about his feelings on Drake night, may have taken it the wrong way. In case ya'll missed it: LMAO! He salty as hell. lol. What a suck. Probably has something to do with Drake trash talking him during the game. lol. KB

World Class Indeed

Our Mayor John Tory likes to constantly harp our played out wish to be "World Class". Unfortunately it takes more than repeating a wish to make it so. Right now the only thing we are world class in is building condos (without the infrastructure to support it) and child poverty. I point this disgraceful circumstance to unprincipled leadership and mismanagement of city priorities on things that would ACTUALLY make us world class. Like transit, ending child poverty and reducing crime. For instance, our Mayor who thinks it's "fair" and good management to give Scarborough a subway that will cost the city $3.2 BILLION just to get up and running (not including all the money it's going to lose year

Fake News More Important Than Real News On Facebook

In the Bible people often pray for knowledge, wisdom and understanding. In the information age, wisdom and understanding are more important than ever. We need an emphasis on things like critical thinking and media literacy. Also how the internet works. Facebook saw a staggering number of fake news articles (Pro-Trump, Anti-Hillary new articles to be exact) go viral. Trump's change voters...so driven by confirmation bias (really? people given to one form of bias are susceptible to other forms? Say it ain't so!) ate up all the fake articles that confirmed what they believed. And voted like it. And donated like it. From a WashingtonPost article with one of the publishers of these fake news site

Canada Shouldn't Worry

I mean, it's not like we have a history (and very real present) of marginalizing and brutalizing people of colour and ignoring it right? Who was Colten Boushie? And when we're not ignoring it, it's not like there are Canadians cheering for it and calling for more, right? "Fucking Indian", "His only mistake was leaving three witnesses", It's not like we have a mayor in Toronto who doesn't believe White Privilege is a thing (which probably explains why he was so hostile to #BlackLivesMatterTO) I mean, it's not like his campaign manager (who also got Rob Ford elected) is now running the campaign of Kellie Leitch, who's the favourite to lead the Conservative Party Of Canada. This lady wants us t

Lets Wait And See What He'll Do Pt. 1

#LetsWaitAndSee: A running anthology of things people that aren't protected by White Privilege should probably worry about Donald Trump doing, but that would be "hysterics" according to people who are. And today in "Lets wait and see what he'll do" Donald Trump's surrogates are floating the idea of a national registry for Muslim immigrants and using the Japanese concentration camps from WW2 as precedent. Of course, this is the brain child of Kris Kobachs, a key member of Trump's transition team (in charge of immigration no less) and also the guy who came up with one of the most racist laws in American history (that's saying alot), SB 1070. Who is Kris Kobach and what is SB 1070? This law: Ar

New Music Video: Drake And 21 Savage "Sneakin"

Last night Drake dropped off a new video for the 21 Savage featured cut “Sneakin‘.” Drizzy and 21 kick it at the Toronto rapper’s Calabassas home in this low-fi, VCR style video.

It's The White Supremacy, Stupid Pt. 2

This video by Jonathan Pie (A satirical news character played by British actor Tom Walker) has gone viral and I can see why. The scary take away from this video and from every pundit on TV is that Hillary lost because "the Left" has been silencing "the Right". That "PC" culture has gotten so oppressive, that people who hold bigoted views voted for President Trump / BREXIT. This is an incredibly privileged, ill-informed and dangerous view of the world. People didn't vote for Donald Trump because other people called them names. People voted for Donald Trump for one of the worst reasons ever: Selfishness. A selfishness that can only develop if one feels like no matter what a person is saying th

Pointing Out Racism Is Not Racist

So, apparently because I noted that White people overwhelmingly voted for Donald Trump across all lines... ...was racist. I mean, it's not like the guy's platform was so racist that the KKK (those people that like to kill people that look like me) didn't give him an official endorsement! Guys...me pointing out that Trump's entire campaign was heavy on racism and light on policies that weren't racist and White people fell for it wasn't racist. Wanna know what is racist? All the racist attacks that White people have been committing in the 24 hours against people of colour since Trump's election. Like here. Telling an Asian woman pumping gas that "Trump won, now ya'll gotta get out". That's pre

Very Important: White People Did This

Yeah, so...I know "blaming Black people" is a national sport. But stop it when it comes to the Trump win. But White people (ed note: race is a social structure), I love ya'll...but you gotta own this one. Lock, stock and barrel. Despite the Supreme Court gutting the Voting Rights Act (and subsequent voter suppression efforts by racist states like North Carolina, Georgia & Florida) and Gerrymandering of districts to ensure even if Republicans lost population wise, they still won electorally, Black people came out solidly AGAINST Trump. But that didn't help. READ: States that passed voting restrictions saw decreased turnout, flipped to Trump​ Nope. Not when Trump had overwhelming numbers of Wh

LIVE Nation Out earns UMG And SONY, Combined!

LIVE Nation's event revenue tops SONY & Universal's music sales by $200,000,000.00! What this tells me is social media can't replace human experience. In this age of connected everything-everywhere, people still want great experiences! People want to connect with their favourite artists, music and fellow fans in "real life"! Streaming might be helping the major record companies bounce back – but the biggest money in the music business still appears to be on stage. Live Nation has just posted a record third quarter revenue-wise, while forecasting a year of record results for 2016. Revenue was up 21% in the three months to end of September at $3.17bn, with operating income up 25% to $191.3m. N

Donald Trump is the President Elect Of The USA

I'm not surprised in the least. I wrote this on September 25th. 1. Trump lies? So what? Mitt Romney was on record flat out lying over 300 times and still garnered 40%+ of the vote. 2. Trump's a racist? So what? Over 50% of Americans hold "anti-Black" views. UPDATE: Trump Supporters Think Black People Less Evolved 3. Trump is incompetent? LMAO! Helloooo, George W. Bush anyone? Power & privilege gives guys like him "the benefit of the doubt" every single time in this system. Just like it did Romney, Just like it did GWB. 4. Combine all of this with a historically problematic candidate in Hillary Clinton. Yes, she's bad just being Hillary...throw in the media demonizing her for the past 30 year

Nazem Kadri spoils Connor McDavid’s homecoming party

Listen man, I love me some Toronto and I love me some Canadiana. With Toronto's drafting of Auston Matthews, I have now decided to finally love me some hockey too. I fully intend for my future son to be the hockey Drake. With that being said, I kinda watched the game last night and Nazem Kadri, who I definitely never partied with a bunch of times kicked Connor McDavid's ass! He recorded 2 goals, including the game winner and outplayed and outmuscled the greatest thing to hit hockey since Wayne Gretzky. Must be all the Poké he's eating at Calii Love. Which is open every day from 7am - 11pm. Monday - Sunday :) KB

Lil Wayne Hates Black Lives Matter

One of the things that always bothers me when I talk about racism is when people say "well, how do you know it's racism?". My answer is usually because the way the person is reacting to you is out of line with what's going on. For instance, you can be in line at the store and the store owner is having a very nice, pleasant conversation with the person in front of you, then as soon as they get to you, they are terse, short, aggressive and sometimes just plain mean. Somethings just don't add up. There's a visceral, emotional reaction that hatred evokes that can only be explained by the fact that its...hatred. Case in point, Lil Wayne's reaction at being asked about BlackLivesMatter. His reacti

Can We Stop Acting Like Trump Wasn't Running A Racist Campaign Now?

I mean, he's gotten an official endorsement from the KKK. He's made one of the leaders of the Alt-Right, his campaign manager and if he wins, will most likely be his chief of staff. And now he's got White Nationalists...you know, those unabashed, heavily armed, White Supremacist militias "patrolling" polling stations to "protect against voter fraud and a rigged election". READ: KKK, Neo-Nazis and militias plan to monitor urban polling places and suppress the black vote. Now here's the thing: Trump is right about the election being rigged. But what he's wrong about is HOW it's being rigged and WHO it's being rigged by. It's being rigged by gerrymandering districts. It's being rigged by the Su

John Tory Is About To Screw Up Transit

John Tory is one of those people that refuse to be convinced of things they don't want to be convinced of. Whether it's what to do with the Gardiner or now, the transit file. SmartTrack, which he campaigned on can't work. And Tory is still pushing it through (like the Scarborough Subway which will cost us BILLIONS in losses), because, well...he's John Tory. When his plans come up short of his promises—SmartTrack will not provide 13 new stations (six are proposed) in seven years (it looks like 12 years), with no new taxes (it needs more money) as he campaigned—you’d think that’s fair game for criticism. After all, he regularly scoffed at Olivia Chow’s pledge to stick with staff proposals for

This Is What A "Strong" Black Man Looks Like

So I dressed up as Harley Quinn for Halloween, because I thought it would be funny as hell. And it was. I've never been one to take myself too seriously, because, well...I have my depressive bouts that do that for me, just fine. I take time to laugh at myself and life in general because on a daily basis life gives us more than enough to cry about. Especially when you're a Black man. With that being said, the heat I've been getting from Black men about my Halloween costume has been something I need to address. I've been told I'm "emasculating" myself for likes. That I'm a disgrace, that I'm desperate, that I'm everything but a woke, FREE Black man doing what the fuck he wants. Which is what t

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