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WOW! Twitter Is Shutting Down Vine!

Announced today on medium, Twitter is shutting down it's mobile video hub, VINE. “We value you, your Vines, and are going to do this the right way. You’ll be able to access and download your Vines. We’ll be keeping the website online because we think it’s important to still be able to watch all the incredible Vines that have been made. You will be notified before we make any changes to the app or website.” ALOT of culturally relevant mini-loops came out of VINE. Bobby Shmurda owed his rise to it's popularity on it's VINE. I'm guessing it's getting hammered by snapchat and instastories. I predict Periscope to be the next to go as Twitter makes itself healthy enough to be sold to someone who'l

KFC Is Expanding a Fried Chicken-Pizza Mashup Called the “Chizza"

Fat is your friend. It came out recently that the sugar industry paid scientists at Harvard to point to fat as being your enemy. Turns out it's been sugar this whole time. Carbs, for those not nutritionally aware are sugars. READ: 50 Years Ago, Sugar Industry Quietly Paid Scientists To Point Blame At Fat Too much sugar has contributed to alot of health problems we now face, mainly because of the hormonal havoc over consumption of it wreaks in our bodies, feeding everything from cancers to heart disease to obesity. We need more ooey, gooey, fat in our lives and less sweets. Fat keeps you fuller and makes you slimmer (you don't become insulin resistant, which causes weight gain and increases h

MORTEM At REBEL This Saturday!

Join us this Saturday for the biggest Halloween celebration in Canada! Get transported into a chamber of darkness that will immerse each gue

Barack Obama's Sweet Revenge Tour

If there's one person that deserves to wallow in schadenfreude, it's Barack Obama. He's incredibly popular and the Trump campaign is imploding. And he's taking the last two weeks of his Presidency to hammer every Republican for their 8 years of obstructionism that he can. The senate and congress seats are up for grabs and he's going on the attack. On Senator Marco Rubio who is running for re-election in the senate: "How can you call [Trump] a con artist and dangerous and object to all the controversial things he says, and then say, 'but I'm still gonna vote for him'?" Obama said. "Come on, man. Come on, man! You know what that is though? It is the height of cynicism. That's the sign of someb

We're Your Neighbours

I've taken to referring to calling people that hate Muslims #YallQaeda, because strip away the Islamophobic bullshit & you're dealing with 2 sides of the same coin: Hate filled assholes who use their religion as an excuse to do horrible things to other people. According to the FBI, the biggest terroristic threat to the United States has been and continues to be "domestic" in nature...aka the militia movement. They tend to have strong White Nationalist ties and are armed to the teeth and delusional as fuck. Mother Jones just did an article which is terrifying in so many ways: from the members casual, vitriolic racism, sexism and violence to their way too cozy relationship with law enforcement

America Is Not OK

No, Im not talking about this guy and his supporters I'm talking about this headline from Science Daily More than 50% of Americans now have at least one chronic health condition, mental disorder or substance-use issue It continues to bewilder me that with all the very real problems Americans face that we get steadily inundated with "terror" being their top concern as opposed to you know...diabetes. I wonder if he popped a tic tac before he grabbed the flag. lol. KB

What Could Be More Horrifying Than Last Nights Premiere Of The Walking Dead?

Scroll down for further proof that reality is more horrifying than anything you can see on the big or small screens. Everyone's talking about the season premiere of The Walking Dead last night. The question of who was on the receiving end of the ever-smiling, foul mouthed, baseball bat naming new villain, Negan was answered in brutal, torturous form. I'm surprised this episode got past TV censors...do we even have those anymore? Legit, that shit should have came with a warning. It wasn't just the brutality, it was the cold evil of it that really resonated. No spoilers here, you just gotta go watch it yourself. That being said, if you thought 5 minutes of psychopathic brain bashing was bad...

Common Remixes Cranes In The Sky And It Is GLORIOUS

Legendary conscious rapper, turned actor Common is making a return to music. And his politically charged, word-smithing is something to behold and even more relevant in these days and times. He lends his voice to an unofficial remix of Solange Knowles' chart topping "Cranes In The Sky" and it will make your day. "Every once and a few years, there are certain songs that come out and have the sound of forever," he said. "Every time I listened to it, I keep wanting to hear it again and again. I started mumbling some words to it and then decided I want to write a verse. This is an unofficial remix simply inspired by the love of art." Enjoy. KB

Justin Trudeau Is Not Your Friend Pt. 2

Yeah, yeah, I supported his bid, but that doesn't mean he gets a clean slate to do whatever he wants. The Guardian has a great article I'd encourage everyone to read, because principled leadership isn't something that can be covered up with great hair and photo opps. READ: Think Canada is a progressive paradise? That’s mooseshit

Racism, Redlining And Gun Violence

Anytime Donald Trump talks about "The African Americans", he always mentions "inner cities". Anytime people say "Black Lives Matter", racists or the ignorant respond with "What about Black on Black crime?" then mention Chicago. There have been a number of high profile shootings throughout Toronto over the past week. Here's how those things are related and what we can do about it. 1. Inner cities are an outdated term, meant to signify poor areas with low resources. Here's how they came to be and how Black people mainly ended up in them, via Slate. 2. Black On Black crime is really just a racist dog whistle. The "Black on Black" crime rate is about 93%. No one talks about the "White on White"

Did Drake Just Go Too Far?

So big news, it's Drake's 30th bday and as a present to us, he not only released 4 new tracks, but also announced he has a NEW project coming out in December called More Life along with a European Tour called The Boy Meets World. With that being said, some controversy is following him and rightly so because in one of those 4 new songs (the diss track, 2 birds, 1 stone, where he takes aim at a couple other people that been dissing him) he takes a shot at rapper Kid Cudi, who inspired alot of people (including myself) to come out and speak about their battles with mental illness after he checked himself into rehab for depression and suicidal urges. He saves the last verse of this song to addre

REBEL Hosts RnB Superstar MIGUEL

If you're a fan of songs like ADORN or COFFEE Then this Saturday join me at REBEL for MIGUEL's official concert afterparty, where he'll be performing and hosting in Canada's ONLY indoor / outdoor Vegas Style MEGACLUB! 3000 of Toronto's hottest people with one of the world's HOTTEST RnB superstars! Can't miss event! RSVP for VIP guestlist or bottle service! FREE for ladies before midnight! KB

America Responds To #TellAmericaItsGreat

I wish I was a spider so I could have enough eyes to express the epic level of eye rollness needed when I saw this stupid video. I mean...#TellAmericaItsGreat? When they are about to elect an orange, ill tempered, morally bankrupt fascist to be the leader of the world's largest army? Are YOU FUCKING NUTS?! #TellAmericaItsGreat when their police are legally are slaughtering Black people in the streets (one every 25 hours) and unfairly imprisoning them (to great profit)? The problem with America is it's been telling itself how great it is for the past 200 years and all that bullshit is finally catching up to them. America doesn't need to hear how great it is. America needs a dose of fucking re

I Refuse To Continue Being Politically Correct

Political correctness has gone crazy over the past few years and now we're on the cusp of having Donald Trump being President of the US because of it. This should worry you. Normally "Political Correctness" is just the way people dismiss having to have manners or act civilly. Replace "politically correct" with "being reasonable" "having manners" or "being respectful" and you see how the gross the arguments against it are. We've been wrong though. True "Political correctness" is being reasonable, mannerable and respectful to a fault and it's allowed space for people that extol hatred and ignorance as a virtue. It's given them the space to believe that it's OK to ignore "facts" and it's lead t

Hatred's Slippery Slope

It's always easy to lose sight of objective morality. People tend to get caught up in the specifics of victimizers and victims, sometimes unconsciously putting themselves into categories to maintain their own sense of self worth or privilege. It's always helpful to remember that no matter what your persuasion, if you allow yourself to fall into the trap of siding with people that hate other people, invariably...you will be next. The same forces that allow one to justify any number of atrocities against an "other" will do the same thing to you, once they finish with everyone else. The news had two good examples of this this week (and it's only Wednesday). In France, Marine LePen, leader of th

Booze control — science reveals how young drinkers maintain the perfect buzz

As an expert in this field, I concur! Cheers to scientists for figuring out the decision-making behind the amount college students drink. Researchers at Ohio State University took the unusual route of analyzing the drinking habits of coeds the way engineers study vehicular mechanics. And they found that young boozers decide when to hit the breaks on binging the same way that cruise control kicks in to maintain speed in cars. Most of the nearly 1,500 thirsty scholars (all of legal drinking age) studied at bars and parties in San Diego told researchers they wanted to either feel “buzzed” or to get “very drunk” — and it turns out, they sipped accordingly. READ MORE

UK government admits that smoking weed is good for you

The research claimed that Cannabidiol (CBD) – which is found in weed – contained a “restoring, correcting or modifying” effect on “physiological functions”. This was particularly true of cannabis which contained low levels of the hallucinogenic THC (the ingredient that causes users to feel high). Yasssss! The truth shall get you stoned...uh, set you free! READ MORE

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