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Should You Catcall Her?

It's the weekend and shit...so here, before you decide to be a douche to random women on the street. Playboy's got you covered with this handy guide. Have a great weekend! lol KB

El Rey is Toronto’s temple of mescal

My hood is about to blow the F' up! With two new condo developments at College and Spadina (with one literally right outside my damn bedroom window...grrrrr), the spectre of gentrification is rearing it's ugly head. The difference though is Kensington is decidely more culturally friendly and lots of cool bars are popping up in the neighbourhood to add to it's aesthetic. El Rey, Grant van Gameren’s new Mexican bar in Kensington Market, is a temple to mescal. Clay copitas of the stuff are raised in cheers from 2 p.m. to 2 a.m. on the colourful streetside patio. Curly-coiffed (and densely tatted) co-owner Owen Walker pours tasting flights that are almost as educational as they are intoxicating.

Laila Ali Joins “All Lives Matter” Movement Because She Doesn’t Want To Lose Sponsorship Dollars

We are living in a historical time. I thought these days were long past us and surprised, frankly that things are progressing as quickly as they are. With that being said...it's important to remember that even during the fight against slavery and for civil rights, there were ALOT of Black people that were against both. Too comfortable in their positions to want anyone rocking the *vote. Damn shame Laila Ali is one of them, considering her father's legacy. In a recent interview with The Huffington Posts' Black Voices, Laila Ali explains why she doesn't use her voice like her father did to speak about the pressing issue of our time #BlackLivesMatter and systemic injustice. “Yes, black lives ma

Trump Supporter Provokes Crowd, Gets What He Wants

"I simply came here wearing a Donald Trump hat. I happen to have it all on tape". Trump has threatened to deport 11,000,000 people. There are children crying themselves hysterical because they think their families will be torn apart when Trump wins. There's no such thing as "simply" wearing a Donald Trump hat, anymore than there's such a thing as "simply" wearing a swastika. Sound extreme? That's probably because you think racism is an innocuous personal procilivity and not an act of violence. All racism is violence. All racist symbols are violent. This guy knew exactly what he was doing and he got exactly what he deserved. KB

Some Of My Best Friends Are White...Supremacists

I get what this guy's trying to do...the fact of the matter is, prejudice only stands because of cognitive biases. He's shattering those biases one by one. This does work. With that being said...I'm happy there's someone out there doing this work...but it sure as hell ain't gonna be me. KB

Vegas clubs in $1M bidding war to host Kendall Jenner’s birthday

The owners and management of the top Las Vegas clubs are in a bidding war over hosting Kendall Jenner’s 21st birthday, which is Nov. 3. Sources tell us the bidding’s already up to $1 million. An insider said, “She is the biggest 21st birthday ‘get’ since Justin Bieber — and the money’s already at Bieber levels.” Bieber celebrated his milestone at the Omnia nightclub in Vegas last year. Model Jenner is expected to be joined by her glamorous pals, Gigi Hadid and Hailey Baldwin. KB

First-ever song made by artificial intelligence sounds just like the Beatles

Sony's Computer Science Laboratory in Paris may have found an answer: artificial intelligence. The corporation's creative research leg has already produced two tracks using artificial intelligence, a software they're calling Flow Machines. One of their first tracks, "Daddy's Car," nails The Beatles style and captures a transcendental, nostalgic pop vibe. The future of electronic music may soon have a lot more electronic influence start to finish. Now, the advantage for record companies is obvious: they own the music their AI creates outright. With the advances with robotics, CGI & VR, you can count on virtual music stars with entirely original music coming in our future. KB

New Video: PartyNextDoor - Not Nice

In this day and age of wokeness, I can't believe none of these rappers can find dark skinned Black women to put in their videos. smh. And yes, it does matter. Anyways, new video from this guy. KB

Justin Trudeau Is Not Your Friend

Everybody loves Justin Trudeau. But his policies are bad for workers, the environment, and struggling people everywhere. "He became prime minister by tacking to the left of the NDP, and is governing to the right of the Conservatives. A self-proclaimed feminist, he has done nothing to improve the negligible access to family planning and abortion services in the socially conservative maritime provinces. Calling poverty sexist, he nevertheless implements policies that impoverish women in Canada and around the world. Enormously popular for his stance on marijuana, he placed former Toronto police chief Bill Blair in charge of the marijuana file; enforcement of pot laws has skyrocketed. Declaring


Toronto, babe, you know I love you. But I’m here to talk to you about two of your most irritating qualities: your reluctance to embrace anything that hasn’t already been approved by another big city; and, once you do embrace that thing, your singular ability to beat it into the ever-loving ground. This is the food trend article Toronto needs. lol. READ MORE

New Voting Restrictions in Place for 2016 Presidential Election

In 2013, the US Supreme Court gutted the Voting Rights Act "because racism no longer exists". Or something. 14 states promptly responded with new voting restrictions. The new laws range from strict photo ID requirements to early voting cutbacks to registration restrictions. Those 14 states are: Alabama, Arizona, Indiana, Kansas, Mississippi, Nebraska, New Hampshire, Ohio, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, and Wisconsin. Colour me surprised at this list. lol. Keep in mind...voter fraud in the US was estimated to be...close to zero percent. The gutting of the Voting Rights Act, which adversely affects Black people & the poor (aka Democratic voters), was a purposeful and

STUDY: PD's With More Use Of Force Policies Have Less Police Shootings & Less Officers Being

The fact that someone had to commission a study on this blows my mind. You can't legislate away someone's racist feelings (actually, you eventually can, but that's for another blog), but you can limit their ability to harm people because of those racist feelings. Police departments that ban chokeholds, require officers to de-escalate, and mandate that deadly force be used only as a last resort, protect more citizens according to research done by the group. “According to our analysis, all eight policies were associated with fewer police-involved killings, and departments that implement all of these policies would reduce killings by 72% compared to departments that have none of these policies

Ken Bryan Presents Woody Harrelson's LBJ TIFF Party

Had the pleasure of hosting Woody Harrelson and Rob Reiner (well...he just signed some autographs outside and went to his hotel. lol) at Buona Notte for their new movie LBJ which premiered at TIFF. Rob Reiner directs Woody Harrelson in the title role as legendary and controversial Texas politician Lyndon B. Johnson, who succeeded the assassinated John F. Kennedy as President of the United States and unexpectedly helped usher in a new era of civil rights — while plunging the country into the inferno of Vietnam.

Donald Trump Told A Lie Every 3 Minutes Last Week

According to POLITICO’s five-day analysis, Trump averaged about one falsehood every three minutes and 15 seconds over nearly five hours of remarks! We subjected every statement made by both the Republican and Democratic candidates — in speeches, in interviews and on Twitter — to our magazine’s rigorous fact-checking process. The conclusion is inescapable: Trump’s mishandling of facts and propensity for exaggeration so greatly exceed Clinton’s as to make the comparison almost ludicrous. Read More

Another TIFF In The Bag

Hey, I know I haven't blogged in a while, but that's because #TIFF16 kept me super busy. Here's a quick recap. I was approached by SHARP Magazine to help fill some content out for their pop-up lounge, The SHARP + S/ Festival Experience. I've always wanted the opportunity to work with them, so of course I said yes! The venue they chose was stunning and from my perspective, absolutely perfect for sponsors. Design was done by Candace & Alison, the best luxury event planners in the city! I ended up slotting in media junkets during the day for some of the top films showing during TIFF like BLEEDER, LBJ, Burn Your Maps & Message From The King, hosting stars like Liev Schrieber, Jai Courtney, Fan B

Marc Jacobs Gets In Trouble For Cultural Appropriation. And He Deserves It.

So...Designer, Marc Jacobs' fashion show received some heat because all the models were White and wearing multi-coloured dreadlocks. Everyone rolled their eyes, including me, because "oh god, again?!" Then Marc responded in the Whitest way possible: with ignorance and arrogance dripping with the privilege of NOT knowing just how fucked up this society is for "women of colour"...in 2016. I get that these conversations get tired...but racism never tires. So the people that fight against it aren't afforded the luxury that Marc is to not know wtf he's talking about: “All who cry ‘cultural appropriation’ or whatever nonsense about any race or skin color wearing their hair in any particular style

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