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The Terrible Reason #McChicken Is Trending On Twitter

So apparently someone took McDonald's "I'm Loving It" too far!!! WHAT'S SEEN CANNOT BE UNSEEN! DO NOT CLICK HERE! NSFW! Twitter is melting down with the memes already. lolol. And I swear to god, it's not me. 😂 #DatDickLookFamiliar #McDicken

Colin Kaepernick And The Curious Case Of The Conveniently Forgetful Culture

Recently converted Muslim and San Francisco 49ers QB, Colin Kaepernick is refusing to stand for the American national anthem because...America is wildly racist. RELATED: 51% Of Americans Hold Explictly Anti-Black Views America has of course, responded to his allegations with...wild racism. This can only happen in a culture where the myths of their founding and their symbols are far nobler than their reality. It's also a place where lukewarm "colour blindness" and "tolerance" are practiced over LOVE and ACCEPTANCE. Kaepernick's doing the same thing Muhammad Ali did when he refused to go to Vietnam and for the SAME reasons. If you mourned Ali, you should stand with Colin. The Star Spangled Ban

Drake Bought Rihanna A Billboard

So tomorrow on the MTV VMA's Rihanna will be honoured with a Video Vanguard award! So Drake decided to buy her a damn billboard to congratulate her. lol. And #BlackTwitter is losing it's damn mind. "When will your man do this? NEVER. Get you a lightskindt, Canadian, Jewish ass n*gga" 😂

Black Twitter Politics: Straight Black Men Are The White People Of Black People

I get it. Black straight men are oppressed ourselves, but are dismissive of black women and black gay plight. 1) They don't see sexism and homophobia anywhere...it doesn't exist. They publicly denigrate black women & gay people in every way they can ("bitches ain't shit" "ya'll hoes", "Dat shit Gay" "No Homo"), but expect black women to be loyal to them. Just like white Americans treating black people like second-class citizens, but expecting black people to be just as patriotic and fight every war for "them", because they don't think it's for you as well. 2) "Black Girls Rock" got attacked by white women, but black men did scramble and make a "Black Boys Rock". There's always this "Me

And Today In IFC

Lochte lies. Roker calls it a lie...but he's the problem. smh. I wonder why... I fucking can't. Read More

Sound Academy announces new name and opening date!

INK's chosen their name and released some artwork for their new entertainment complex that's replacing the gaping void in Toronto left after The Guvernment closed! I'd like to thank Charles for naming this venue after me :) lol. Opening Date: Saturday October 1st, 2016

Trump's Latest Campaign Promise: He's Gonna Save Black People From People Like Him

"I'll be able to make sure that when you walk down the street in your inner city, or wherever you are, you're not gonna be shot. Your child isn't gonna be shot," "Your innercity". Let's talk about that. Black people don't all live in ghettoes. But alot of us do. So the question is: why? Racism. I knowwwww..."is EVERYTHING racism, Kenny"? Well, shit. You tell me. I mean, why else would Black families that make over $100k, be stuck in the same living conditions / areas as White families (or other Black families) making $30k? RELATED: Affluent and Black, and Still Trapped by Segregation Now the above headline's pretty incendiary, right? "SEGREGATION?! Kenny, that's illegal and stopped happening

NHL Warm Up Party Tomorrow At CUBE!

Summers' fast coming to an end, but all is not lost! We have a few more weeks of warmth and September is gonna be HOT with #TIFF16 and the World Cup Of Hockey both set to touch down in Toronto! To whit, the fine folks at Biosteel are hosting an NHL warm up party in advance of the season and the World Cup Of Hockey and over 30+ NHLers are scheduled to appear! Where will this magical event be taking place? The rooftop patio of CUBE of course! Doors at 7PM, No cover with RSVP! I've done a few parties with NHL guys and I can tell you, this is gonna be funnnn. Let's send summer off right and RSVP to rub elbows with some of the NHL's best! RSVP HERE KB

Lions And Tigers And BIEBERS, Oh my!

UPDATE: The event's effectively cancelled, the Biebers won't be attending. Sigh. Good job, media. Ok, so the Bowmanville Zoo is controversial and the owner, aint' shit. But it's closing. It's gonna cost money to re-home those big cats and my business mentor, Alex Haditaghi is taking on the responsibility with a pretty famous friend. Happy to announce that this Sunday, August 28th The Bowmanville Zoo will be hosting Bieber Family Fun Day (BFF Day) in support of rehoming these wonderful animals. You may remember my pics with some of the lion cubs during the MMVA's? All are being rehomed to an animal sanctuary that Alex is funding. Of course, it costs money and he has alot of it...but this fund

I Need Your Help For The NOW Magazine Readers Choice

No, it's not for me in the "best bloggers" category...not yet ;) It's for my best friend, Andray Domise, the man who upon getting brushed off by Rob Ford after asking him if he's gonna apologize for labelling black kids "thugs", quit his job and ran against him. RELATED: Andray Domise: Ward 2's anti-Ford He lost, obviously, but the work and profile that has come out of it after, with his numerous writing and radio shows as well as his fulfilment of his campaign promise to bring tech to Rexdale via his Techsdale program has me wanting to help him win this award. RELATED: Techsdale connects Rexdale youth with high-tech experiences at Humber College Why? Because you can't spell ACTIVIST without

PHOTOS: TOM* SWAM Event #InGoodCompanyFridays

If most of you haven't heard, this was my last official event at the Thompson Hotel Rooftop on Fridays. More details in the following weeks after #TIFF16, but how fitting that my party that started with something special for TOM* ended with something special for TOM* Check the pics out and for the FULL gallery, visit me on Facebook! KB

All Good Things Must Come To An End

So these are my last 2 weeks at the Thompson Hotel on Fridays. I initially took on the challenge of creating #InGoodCompany Fridays there, to prove to myself that a single person, with the right branding, programming and venue can take a "dead" night and make it something special. A night that many other groups had tried to make work, but for one reason or another, couldn't. I wanted to create a party where good people could get together, dress up (if they wanted to) and enjoy a hassle free Friday night, with no kids, no cover and no bullshit. The result was #InGoodCompany Fridays. Not just a brand name, but a promise! Building on my previous success with the hotel as a venue, I was confiden

TIFF Sponsorship Opportunity: SHARP Magazine Film Festival Gallery

I am thrilled to announce that I'm partnering up with Canada's leading luxury lifestyle magazine for men, SHARP Magazine to produce the SHARP Film Festival Gallery! Located in the HEART of the film / entertainment district, the Festival Gallery will be a publicly accessible gallery of curated celeb images and private A-list media center by day! And VIP invitation only afterparty hot spot with the who's who of TIFF, Toronto & Hollywood by night! If you're a brand looking to align with the premium luxury lifestyle magazine for men and women in Canada and get the benefit of unprecedented celebrity access, please download my presentation deck, then give shoot me an email or give me a call to get

A-list stars coming to Toronto for TIFF 2016

It's that time of year again and BlogTO has compiled a list of A-list faces and names that will be gracing our city with their presence! I've got a few of them. Who are you excited to see? In about two weeks, Toronto will truly become Hollywood North as a slew of celebrities descend upon our city for TIFF. And if you're not one to see a bunch a movies, get ready to go star gazing because the 2016 guest list is stacked with all of your favourite actors. Take a peek at the 2016 guest list and get familiar with this year's films at the same time. The full schedule is out today, you can finally start planning in earnest before tickets go on sale Labour Day weekend. Or, be impulsive and decide wh

Top 5 Reasons Kendall Jenner Deserves To Be On The Cover Of Vogue

Despite the haters, my baby K deserves this cover and we're gonna get married and heres why: 1. She's a Kardashian, which means she's into Black guys, which means I'm already in the running. Ya'll mad? Don't @ me. 2. She's good friends with the OVO guys, which means sooner or later she's gonna come to Toronto, where I can tell her how much she deserves this damn cover and she'll fall in love with me and we'll get married. Ya'll mad? Don't @ me. 3. I'm into tall chicks. Kendall is tall and we're gonna get married. Therefore, the future Mrs. Kenny deserves all the good things, like this damn Vogue cover. Ya'll STILL mad? Don't @ me. 4. Being a Kardashian actually didn't work in her favour and

‘Futurama’ Star Billy West Reads Trump Quotes as Zapp Brannigan

LMAO!!! For those of you unfamiliar with the character, Zapp Brannigan is a moron who somehow rose to power despite his lack of talent and ability, and always makes the wrong decision and says the wrong thing, regardless of the situation. Here. It LITERALLY sounds familiar. lol. Voice actor Billy West reads Trump quotes...as his orange douchebag character...Zapp Brannigan! For more hilarity...head over to Billy West's twitter. lol.

Music Video Tribute: Ariela Navarro Fenoy

I received this text today and had to share it. "On August 4th, 2015 leaving Drakes OVO party, Ariela Navarro Fenoy was the victim to the shooting that took place by Dufferin Gates. Ariela was my best friend, a part of me so close that we identified ourselves as Yin and Yang. I wrote this song for her and Julia Tomlinson put the vocals to it. Please read our story and share her legacy. ❤ You are appreciated. Thank you and God Bless 🙏🏽❤"

Let Me Solve The "Mystery" Of Donald Trumps Appeal For You

A "shocking" new study came out citing that it's NOT "poor Whites" alone, who are supporting Trump...but rather "people from racially isolated enclaves, who are doing no better nor worse economically than the rest of the country". In other words: the classist bullshit about poor, uneducated White people running to this guy's xenophobic, racist is just that: classist bullshit. Poor White people have always been scapegoated for racism and it's a dangerous fallacy. "White" became a legal term in 1600's Virginia, when it was used to separate poor Whites and poor Blacks from each other in slave uprisingins and revolts. "At least you're not Black, you're a WHITE man! Work hard and you too can be s

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