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BISHA's been in development for a while, but believe me, when Charles Khabouth's crowning achievement arrives, it will be a game changer in alot of ways. The rooftop restaurant, bar and infinity pool is situated on the 44th floor of the Bisha Hotel and Residences, located near the corner of King Street West and Blue Jays Way.. This impressive indoor and outdoor space will allow guests to enjoy spectacular views of the city skyline while having a dip in the pool or indulging in world-class fare and drinks at the bar. READ MORE KN

Kanye's New Video Is 7 Minutes Of Him Crying. And Sia.

More genius from our lord and saviour, YEEZUS. The official video for his song WOLVES off of his TLOP album. p.s. this version has SIA who is NOT featured on the original version on the album. It's also sponsored by BALMAIN. Respek the Kulture! KB

And Today In #GirlBYE

Victoria's Secret model Elsa Hosk claims she hated her butt...because it was "too big". The 27-year-old model was in New York City on Tuesday, and while she looks thin as a rail, Elsa admitted that she once felt insecure about the shape and size of her backside. “I used to hate my butt — like hate it,” she told Daily Mail Online at the event. “In school I used to cover it up. I felt like it was too big, like I felt like I needed to wear a sweater over it. It was awful.” Now, I am all for body positivity and confidence...but here's what it look like: "And then she said it was too big!!"

Photos: Addisons Backyard Party - Thursday July 21st

Ken Bryan Presents: Thursdays at the Addisons Backyard! No cover, no guestlist! For cabana reservations: ken@4tune.ca / 647.710.0436 Bryan Presents: Thursdays at the Addisons Backyard! No cover, no guestlist! For cabana reservations: ken@4tune.ca / 647.710.0436

Michael Jordan: "I Can No Longer Stay Silent"

WOW. I literally have tears in my eyes. Michael Jordan...is Michael Jordan. I can't even begin to explain the significance of Mike FINALLY speaking up. He's been notoriously silent for 30 years. He's been silent about everything, from kids killing each other for his shoes, to his investments in the prison system to every single, major civil rights issue...to why he wears those damn mom jeans...and he's finally spoken up. Finally. I'll take it. Read More KB

When Your Family Ain't S***

Sometimes I feel sad that I didn't grow up with a family...then there's days like this. lol. Sometime's when celebs cut off their fam / don't really fuck with them...there's a reason. This is the same son that was whining about how "evil" Muhammad Ali's current wife was. smh. KB


Zack Snyder just unleashed the Justice League movie trailer on the earth...and it actually looks really good! Unlike the Wonder Woman trailer, which was released today and is just "meh". KB

Kim Kardashian EXPOSES Taylor Swift: Plays VIDEO Of Taylor And Kanye FAMOUS Convo

Oooooh lawd! Looks like the #TaylorSwiftIsOverParty continues! Of course, Taylor responded, splitting hairs... Ya'll. They had a full out conversation about this. The footage shows Kanye talking on the phone with Taylor and rapping, “For all the Southside niggas that know me best, I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex,” shows the footage. “All I give a fuck is what makes you feel good as a person and as a friend,” says ‘Ye as the camera shows Rick Rubin off in the background. “I really appreciate you telling me about it. That’s really nice,” replies Taylor. She even calls it a “compliment.” “I just feel like I had a responsibility to you as a friend. Thanks for being so cool about i


On "No Shopping," Drake doesn't address Budden by name, but right away, it's immediately obvious that the New Jersey vet is his target. He begins his verse by namechecking "Pump It Up," Budden's 2003 single that stands today as his biggest hit. "I'm not a one-hit wonder, they know all my stuff," he proceeds to rap. "You let me turn into the n*gga you almost was." How's ol' Joe feeling right now? Check it out here: LOL @ French trying to speak patois at the end. lol. #PoorTing KB

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