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My MMVA Weekend

#MMVAs are always special in the city. Started the night with VIP treatment @ the OFFICIAL Afterparty at Drake's restaurant, FRINGS. Finished it off with lessons in conservation & bonding with baby lions. Lol. BIG thank you to @neilforester & @alexhaditaghi for making my night with the #Blondetourage amazing! #KenBryanPresents #Toronto#Nightlife #TorontoLife KB

Scarborough subway cost rises by $900-million

The city of Toronto is in the midst of a financial crisis...and Mayor John Tory is stubbornly sticking to his promise of providing a subway in Scarborough...ONE subway stop...that will cost us almost 3 BILLION dollars. And it doesn't end there...this ONE subway stop will continue to lose money year after year because it's projected to NOT make break even ridership rates...meaning it'll be empty most of the time. Read More Here KB

Former CIA Officer On World Politics

"If your enemy is a subhuman psychopath that will attack you no matter what...that never ends...if your enemy is a policy...no matter how complicated, that we can work with".

Doctors Cure Type 1 Diabetes With Surgery / Cell Transplant

The future is going to be a beautiful place. We just gotta make it there. lol. "In this latest procedure, as was done in Miami, the donor islets were implanted within a biodegradable scaffold, one of the platforms for a DRI BioHub, made by combining the patient's own blood plasma with thrombin, a commonly used, clinical-grade enzyme. Together, these substances create a gel-like material that sticks to the omentum and holds the islets in place. The omentum is then folded over around the biodegradable (biological) scaffold mixture. Over time, the body will absorb the gel, leaving the islets intact, while new blood vessels are formed to provide critical oxygen and other nutrients that support t

Blood on the dancefloor.

So...I'm deep in my feelings today and the floodgates are open. I'm torn apart by the Orlando shooting because the LGBTQ community has always been near and dear to my heart: I'm Black, so I get what it's like to be persecuted for how you were born. No fucking apologies or explanations needed to justify your / my existence. I'm Black and that's just it. You're Gay and that's just it. Next! Love is love. I grew up around everyday, commonplace homophobia just like I'm sure alot of you grew up around everyday, commonplace racism. Homophobia so normalized that you don't even realize it's homophobia. "Batty man fi dead"...repeated in songs about love, songs about violence, songs about...nothing to

#LOVEISLOVE - Toronto Stands For Orlando Victims

There was a gathering today in Toronto, a vigil for the lives lost in the Orlando terror attack. There was also a magical moment of healing when a young muslim woman was asked to recite an Islamic prayer: We will win this. The thing that unites us is more powerful than the things that seek to divide us. All is one. KB

Orlando Terror Attack And The BS That's Sure To Follow

Brandolini's Law: "The amount of effort required to refute bullshit is an order of magnitude greater than what's required to produce it." Basically it means it's alot easier for someone to say something stupid than it is for someone else to prove that it's stupid. That's why bullshit talking points catch fire and why so many of us are dumbed down. It's why someone like Donald Trump can lie and contradict himself so easily, pose "simple solutions" to complex problems; BAN MUSLIMS sounds great until you realize there are a BILLION of them...and not all of them are brown, that they still have human rights, that they all aren't terrorists, etc....and have MILLIONS of people agree that he's "just

To Brock Turner’s Father, From Another Father

By now we've heard about Brock Turner. The Stanford swimming star who raped an unconscious girl behind a garbage dumpster...and received an insultingly lenient sentence from a judge (6 months, of which he'll probably only serve 3...he's still appealing even that, btw), because essentially he didn't want to ruin this guys life. The story gets worse, because this shitty dude's shitty dad wrote an even shittier letter that perhaps explains why his son raped an unconscious girl in a dumpster...as opposed to, you know...helping her. Another father, John Pavloski responded and it's gold. ================================= Dear Mr. Turner, I’ve read your letter to the judge on behalf of your son Bro

Take My Money: Luxe Converse All Star Modern HTM

"The new “Converse All Star Modern” boasts a slightly updated silhouette for the classic shoe and includes Nike Hyperfuse construction, Phylon outsoles, TPU-fused toecaps and a neoprene split tongue" I don't know what any of that means other than it probably means they're expensive and comfortable as hell and they look dope...good enough for me! KB

Mixed martial arts fighter Kimbo Slice dies at 42

Kimbo apparently died from heart failure...the same thing that I had. He tested positive for steroids in his last match...more than likely it's left ventricular, which is pretty common from steroid abuse. Worth noting, despite his gruff exterior and street fighting prowess, Kimbo had a heart of gold as noted in the DailyMail: 'To hurt someone vulnerable, I just couldn't do it like that. 'You want to be a good father and productive citizen. I could have been on the cover of the newspaper as a killer. 'I had to fight with myself not to hurt people, some serious mental wars. But who would have raised my boys? They would have grown up knowing their dad died another violent death. 'They would hav

Will Smith to be pallbearer at Muhammad Ali's funeral

Will Smith and Lennox Lewis will be two of Muhammad Ali's pall bearers on Friday for his funeral, which will be streamed live on the internet. The role that changed Will's life. Here are Muhammad Ali's last pics as well.

The Devil Is A Liar!!!

So in the middle of Golden State's 30 point win against Cleveland last night, the cameras caught this: Now, it can all be innocent and just camera angles or wtv...but it APPEARS to be a young woman looking like she's ready to suck the soul out Steph Curry...who's happily married and a good Christian man. I mean...if you were his (well known, kinda obviously the jealous type) wife Ayesha Curry, would you be threatened by this woman looking at your man like he is the last glass of water in the middle of a desert? lmao Did I mention that Ayesha Curry is Jamaican and good with knives? I know, I know, slightly sexist, blah, blah...wtv this shit is funny. lmao! <3 KB

RIP Champ

Be confident in yourself. Speak your truth and let no man define you, but yourself. That's the lesson I learned and will carry from this great man. Thanks champ. R.I.P Ken Bryan

MORE New Drake Music! 3 Songs Today!

Now we know why Drake kept saying #Summer16, looks like he intends to make it his! Lots of new releases on his OVO Sound Radio show today! DRAKE - 4PM IN CALABASAS DRAKE - BACK ON ROAD W/ GUCCI-MANE DRAKE - ONE DANCE REMIX W/ JUSTIN BIEBER

New Music From Kanye West

Woke up, saw Kanye's trending on Twitter and I thought "what stupid shit did he say now?" Turns out he released new music with him, Quavo from Migos, Desiigner (the guy from that Panda song that you probably think is Future), Gucci Mane (fresh out the feds, waddup Gu-wop) and Big Sean called CHAMPIONS. It may grow on me...thoughts? KB

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