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Around Toronto: Galleria Mall redevelopment looks amazing!

I grew up around this area, played ball every week at Wallace Emerson, so it's astounding to me to see what we will be doing with the area. Toronto's growing! These areas are already super affordable, if you're looking for a new area, the old areas are where to be before the development really kicks in!

Around Toronto: East Harbour - Where Toronto will go to work and play

East Harbor will be Toronto's Canary Wharf; Cutting edge office-retail hub envisioned as heart of redeveloped Port Lands. Can you imagine the future of nightlife in #Toronto within this space? I can. Many thanks to Marcello Cabezas for including me in the process; ideation for the future of our city! Imagine seamlessly integrated regional transit, driverless carbs, carbon neutral environmental footprints...and bustling nightlife. Click Here To Read More

They made Captain America a Nazi?!

Listen, I'm having a full on nerdrage meltdown on Twitter over this and apparently so are alot of other people. Case in point: lol. Marvel's even had to cop a plea cause apparently the writer's been getting death threats. lol. Anyways, symbols fictional or not are important. Captain America has long been a symbol to people. He was created in the 40's to fight Nazi's. Not become one. His entire character "works". The displaced 1940's boy scout do-gooder who actually believes in mom, Jesus and apple pie...works. He was bullied and became something bigger and stronger and fights against injustice. Works. He puts his sense of justice...of right vs. wrong above all else, even allegiance to whatev

Thompson Rooftop Summer Event Schedule: June 2016

Friday May 27th - GreyGoose ‪#‎SummerEscape‬ party Friday June 3rd - One Dance - My 40th bday party! Friday June 10th - 3rd Annual Hamptons White Party w/ Moet ICE Friday June 17th - Digital Dreams - Z103 VIP party (live to air) Ray Ban party with Spectacles (TBC) Also lining up special DJs...and I'm continually reaching out to new people to celebrate and host, so it's not just the same faces week after week. I'm determined to build the best Friday night in the city...with all of your help and support! ‪#‎InGoodCompanyFridays‬‪#‎AllTheRightPeople‬ ‪#‎TorontoNightlife‬ ‪#‎Summer6ixteen‬

EXPO 2025, Toronto's moon shot

A few months ago, I was selected as a thought leader and cultural maven who's support the city sought for EXPO 2025. Yesterday I gave a deputation in front of Mayor John Tory & his executive committee. I ended up speaking about the leverage EXPO 2025 brings in helping our priority neighbourhoods in terms of transit and infrastructure investment. But really, this is what I wanted to talk about: I obviously went off script, but my words were well received by the committee, those in attendance and my friends on FB...well over 100+ likes. Also, the Mayor's motion carried, we're onto the next step, a privately funded study into the EXPO's benefits :) I love Toronto. I was conceived, born and rais

I'd like to punch cancer in the f'n face.

Tragically Hip frontman Gord Downie was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer. I was very lucky to get Gord Downie to perform a concert at my old bar, The Roosevelt Room back in 2010, as part of Festival Music House during TIFF. He's also performed at charity events I helped produce too. What makes this suck even more is his wife struggled against cancer as well. Fuck you cancer. Gord, love and light brother. KB

The Perfect Long Weekend Kick Off Party For You!

I know what you're thinking: It's the first long weekend of the summer (kinda), It's Thursday and you want to do something. Well, do I have the PERFECT party for you! Eligible Magazine's Apple App Launch Party at The Addisons Residence! My buddy Gary Wilson (who I refuse to take pictures with because he's way too handsome and well dressed...screw you Gary with your "good hair" and outstanding collection of bow ties & blazers) is the founder and publisher. Eligible Magazine is a luxury lifestyle magazine with resources for self improvement, relationship advice, dating, sex...they also throw some AMAZING parties with a who's who of Toronto's social scenesters always in attendance In short, thi

Rage Against The Machine AND Public Enemy? Summer '16 is about to heat up!

With a poster campaign, Public Enemy tweeting their live performance and a website that keeps crashing...it looks like RATM & PE are planning something big for summer 2016. These two politically charged entertainment powerhouses coming together and the current state of politics in the US presidential election cannot be a coincidence. Will this be the summer of RAGE? KB

After Colorado legalized marijuana, arrests fell for white kids — but rose for black kids

This is important because our local politicians are making a big deal about the proliferation of marijuana dispensaries all over Toronto. 9 alone in my neighbourhood, Kensington Market. READ: John Tory talks cracking down on marijuana dispensaries One of the narratives that's gotten lost is who is benefitting from the coming legalization of marijuana and also how we deal with those who have been and are getting punished for it, currently. Colorado legalized weed years ago, however as the following article articulates...changing laws is only one part of the equation... READ MORE KB

It's a scary time to be a guy

Let me first start out by saying that I'm completely confident in the future that faces us as a species. Despite the apocalyptic bent of the daily news cycle (don't forget, "if it bleeds, it leads"), we are heading towards incredibly transformative awakenings and technological breakthroughs. People are seeing all the faults in our society and while some are fighting tooth and nail to preserve them, alot more of us are fighting to tear them down. One of the things we have to deal with is gender roles. In the U.S, Americans are dealing with Bill Cosby and his slate of accusers. Here in Canada, we have Jian Ghomeshi, celebrity CBC host of the Q and former rock star who has just recently been ac

90's Night At The Addisons!!

This Thursday May 12th, join me at the Addisons! Happy Hour $4 Drinks (5pm - 10pm) | Free Admission - Free Entertainment - Live DJ NO GUESTLIST & NO COVER FOR MORE INFO CLICK HERE KB

One Brave Night For CAMH

Toronto's social scenesters take over the Thompson hotel rooftop lounge & lobby bar to raise awareness and funds for CAMH and their new initiative #OneBraveNight "CAMH One Brave Night for Mental Health asks Canadians to bravely share one night to inspire hope for the 1 in 5 people who will experience a mental illness in their lifetime. We challenge the country to stay up all night and fundraise in order to defeat mental illness." I'll be hosting with noted scenester, Philip Princeton and Toronto's #1 matchmaker Shannon Tebb from Shanny in the city. I'm donating my entire pay for the night + not drinking as part of the challenge and Thompson is donating portion of proceeds from the nig

Guest blog: How To Land A Second Date By Shanny In The City - Toronto's Top Matchmaker & Dat

I'd love for you all to meet my friend Shannon Tebb, the woman behind the incredibly popular shannyinthecity.com. I love this girl to pieces. Not only because she's a bubbly burst of blonde energy, but because we share the same passion...to connect people and live life on our own terms as social entrepreneurs. A professional boutique matchmaker and dating consultant, Shanny is a familiar face in Toronto's social circuit and has been featured in some of your favourite media. We'll be hosting my charity event for CAMH, #OneBraveNight this Friday May 13th, at the Thompson Hotel. Make sure you RSVP and come support and say hi! Shanny’s TOP 10 Tips to land a second date: 1) Be engaging, positive,

Sheryl Sandberg on Being a Single Mother: 'I Did Not Really Get How Hard It Is'

Now, I, and many others have been fairly critical of Sheryl Sandberg for her tone deafness on "Lean In". However, none of us are perfect and the one critical element that's needed to be a better person in life is the ability to be introspective and honest about one's self. Yesterday for Mother's Day, Sheryl wrote about her past year of being a single mother, since her husband passed away...and it's a doozy. Per Jezebel: “I did not really get how hard it is to succeed at work when you are overwhelmed at home,” she wrote. “I did not understand how often I would look at my son’s or daughter’s crying face and not know how to stop the tears. How often situations would come up that Dave and I had

Food Cravings And Healthy Alternatives

With summer coming up, patio, beaches and yes, CABANA are about to be open in a few weeks. That means most of us are starting to think about our bodies and how we can look our best for these few short months. Diet, obviously is a huge part of that and if you're like me and get cravings, I came across this handy chart with healthy alternatives. Not sure how true it is, but if it keeps me away from those tasty, tasty, carbs...it couldn't be all bad. Check it out. p.s. Speaking of patio's, the Addisons will be opening their backyard soon, so you can catch me there on Thursdays and the Thompson Hotel roof lounge will be opening the outdoor patio as well soon too!! KB

Drake’s Views Streamed 250 Million Times And Sold 1.2 Million Albums

Looks like all that anticipation over the last 2 years paid off. According to HypeTrak: Drake’s new studio album VIEWS was an undeniable, incredible success. As Pitchfork notes, Republic Records have just shared the official sales numbers for VIEWS, and it appears as though past reports about streaming numbers are going to end up being pretty accurate. While the first-week sales numbers released a few days ago weren’t too far off, these official numbers definitely put Drake in a better place. VIEWS sold 1.2 million copies (“including streaming album equivalents,” Pitchfork reports) in “less than six days” following its initial release. A million of those copies sold came from U.S. fans as we

Elon Musk denied entry into A-list Met Gala party

Ugh. This is exactly why people think going out is stupid...Elon Musk is changing the world in ways that people never thought possible...but some idiot wouldn't let him and his mom into this party. Listen, I was a doorman, but at some point "you're not on the list" has to become "let me check with someone". Why? Because it's ELON FUCKING MUSK. If Kylie Jenner's fake lips qualify her to get into somewhere...surely inventing reusable space rockets and self driving, electric cars qualifies Elon. Anyways, read on...if you're into that sorta thing. With all the stars in tears this party although "exclusive" sounds like the type of hot ratchet mess that I would love to attend one day. lol. KB

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