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NFL player speaks up about sexual violence

As a guy, I know that all this focus on consent and people crossing lines is un-nerving, hell I got hammered with a friend and we made out a couple weeks ago (something that I NEVER do, especially at my parties, because I don't shit where I eat) and she let me know that she wasn't comfortable with it a few days later (in truth, neither was I upon sober reflection...but drunken make outs happen sometimes, people get caught up in the heat of the moment) and we agreed to mutually respect each others' boundaries. That discussion could have gone either way. This is a tough time to live in for anyone that's ever enjoyed societal privilege that's never forced them to confront it or dealt with the c

Teenage Pregnancy: Birth Rates Drop Most for Hispanic and Black Teens in US, Report Says

This is NOT new news. As an anti-racist activist, I've known that birth rates for African American women in particular have been falling since the 90's. It of course never fit into the "baby mama, welfare queen" stereotype so this news today is shocking to some. Teen birth rates fell to record lows over the past decade, with the largest declines among minority teens, according to data from the CDC's National Vital Statistics System. With that being said, the reasons include better access to education, healthcare, birth control and yes, legal abortions. Another trend no one talks about: despite having access to every kind of porn there is at their fingertips and being bombarded by sexually lo

Huge summer music festival coming to Wasaga Beach

As reported by BlogTO: Wasaga Beach, a place for family outings and after-prom getaways, is now getting its very own high-profile three-day music festival as Monster Energy Center of Gravity (MECOGW) makes its way from Kelowna, British Columbia to the shores of Lake Simcoe this year. Read More Here

Drake Debuted #VIEWS And It's KILLER!

Now, in the face of #LEMONADE, it's not a classic or game changer in that sense and if you ask me, he coulda cut it down to 15 songs or so, but it's a very solid album with some killer lines ("6 upside down, it's a 9 now"), deep insights into himself ("If I loved you before, I still love you, it's just how I was raisd") and damn he can flow!! Not to mention...the Toronto references...uh, hello...#WestonRoadFlows anyone? It seems like the further he got in life and his career, the closer he got to home and #VIEWS shows that. Here are some reactions from Twitter. Not even I am immune to Drake's powers. Listening to Drake's music, I alternate between crying and dancing...it's like a non-stop li

Showing Kindness Makes You Live Longer!

Some really interesting insights in this article. Science tells us that kindness directly influences your propensity for happiness. But kindness does more than that; it not only improves your health but increases your longevity. It’s a proven biological fact. Now I know what you're thinking "What's this gotta do with parties and stuff?" Well, “positive emotions & positive social connections" are something I try to bake into all my events. I really suck at being fake and am particularly sensitive to people's energies. I don't care if I get paid to know people...if I don't like you, no matter how rich you are or how hot you are...odds are I won't be inviting you to my parties. That makes for b

Fitness fanatics are 'formed in the womb'

According to the DailyNews: "Women who exercise during pregnancy could help their babies turn into sporty adults, a study has found. A love of fitness starts in the womb - when set a good example by mothers - researchers discovered." I'm pretty sure that this is due to epigenetic influences. ep·i·ge·net·ics ˌepəjəˈnediks/ noun BIOLOGY the study of changes in organisms caused by modification of gene expression rather than alteration of the genetic code itself. Part of the reason I've never had kids is I want to wait until I'm living the type of life and I'm being the type of person that I've always wanted to be, so I can be the type of father I've always wanted to have. I simply do not want t

'I suffer from depression': Cara Delevingne reveals her battle with 'self hatred' as

I absolutely adore Cara Delevingne. I had the pleasure of sharing a cab with her when we left Bar Chef and headed to Wildflower in the Thompson Hotel, when I took her and the other stars of the Suicide Squad out bar hopping after the movie's wrap party. Let's just say I'm not surprised by this announcement (I also know what the lion tattoo is for lol) nor the strength she possesses. She's a sensitive intelligent person, two things that tend to cause consternation in a highly superficial industry. I can totally relate. Click Here to read more of what my favourite supermodel has to say about life in the fast lane and how she copes. And trust me, she is being 100% honest in this. Love you girl!

Death Of Toronto's Club Scene

Interesting video by GLOBAL TV. They make some good points, but also are pretty out of touch. Here are a couple things that jumped out at me upon watching this. 1) The death of Toronto's club scene wasn't driven by standard market forces. It was driven by gentrification fuelled by a grandstanding City councillor, Adam Vaughn, who approved well over 50+ real estate developments in the district and justified it by going on a crusade to close down every club he could, branding them as "dangerous" and "bad for neighbourhoods"...despite the rising real estate values. Smh. Click to read: 2) Millenials are still people. Everyone keeps pointing to "Tinder", Facebook, etc as reasons for people "not g

Russell Peters Tour Afterparty Tomorrow At EFS

I've hosted several parties for Russell Peters and the one thing people are always surprised about is the fact that he's actually a good DJ. Now, he's not slated to get on the wheels of steel tomorrow at EFS, we have Toronto legend, DJ Starting From Scratch as well as DJ Spinbad (WHTZ, NYC), but he just might! He's an old school guy, that's been DJ'ing as a hobby for 30+ years and counts tons of DJ's as his buddies. Either way, Russell always sets the tone for his parties interacting with the crowd and having FUN! Get discounted advance tickets now to save money and guarantee entry. Click Here

Beyonce just dropped #LEMONADE And the internet is in shambles

Listen. I don't even know where to start. Beyonce (yasssss kweeen), is the most influential performer on the planet. With ONE tweet (and an #HBO special) The internet went from mourning Prince to dragging Rachel Roy (and Rachael Ray even got to be collateral damage). From think pieces on Black femininity to BlackLivesMatter to who the hell "Becky with the good hair" is...to numerous memes on Jay-Z. Beyonce's new visual album release is a cultural watershed moment in music. The 3 million tweets in 12 hours attest to it's popularity and cultural relevance. I've got it on repeat...and so should you! KB

PRINCE Dead at 57!!

I can't believe this. TMZ is reporting PRINCE was found dead in his home, Paisley Park in Minnesota. He looked so good when he was performing in Toronto a couple weeks ago!! My friends who brought him here and hosted the afterparty at Everleigh even said he continued playing for another private afterparty until the wee hours of the night. Prince used to live in Toronto (married a Toronto girl, pictured below) and LOVED everything about this city According to the Toronto Star: “I love Toronto,” he told The Canadian Press a decade ago. Praising the city as “cosmopolitan,” he spoke about the city's diversity as well as its eclectic food and arts scene. “It's a real melting pot in every sense of

Captain America Civil War!!

I'm a huge comic book nerd. A "Marvel Zombie" to be exact (unapologetic fanboy of Marvel productions)...oh...and I'm sure there will be a Marvel Zombie movie at some point. lol. Anyways, the Civil War movie is testing really, really, well with lots of action, adventure, drama... and appearances by The Black Panther And Spiderman!!!! The plot goes thusly: Political pressure mounts to install a system of accountability when the actions of the Avengers lead to collateral damage. The new status quo deeply divides members of the team. Captain America (Chris Evans) believes superheroes should remain free to defend humanity without government interference. Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.) sharply disag

Jennifer Aniston named People Magazine's Most Beautiful Woman...Again.

Alot of people on the internet are hating...but I can attest to Jennifer Aniston being STUNNING in person. Here's the only snap I managed to get when I handled the press for her movie 2 years ago at the Templar Hotel. She was not only very pleasant, but it seemed like I knew her because she acts just like "Rachel" on FRIENDS. lol. KB

Canada To Legalize Marijuana in 2017!

Good news for all my fellow stoners out there! According to the Toronto Star: The Liberal government formally announced its plans to legalize and regulate marijuana. “We know it is impossible to arrest our way out of this problem,” Health Minister Jane Philpott said Wednesday in New York during an impassioned speech to the United Nations General Assembly at a special session on global drug policy. The timing of the announcement on April 20 — or 420, as pot activists and connoisseurs call this calendar day — was a coincidence, more than one government source insisted, but still a fitting day to reveal plans to make good on a major campaign promise to legalize, regulate and restrict access to

Starbucks will start donating 100% of its unused food to those in need

There are alot of people going hungry in our city where nearly 30% of our children live in poverty. When I owned my restaurant I always wondered why there wasn't a service that took all our left over food "waste" (ie perfectly good food we didn't sell) and brought the meals to families around the city to eat the next day. In the US, there is such a program and they've teamed up with Starbucks to make it happen! Hopefully we'll see more of this in the future, with restaurants getting tax breaks for donating meals at the end of the night! If you’ve ever wondered where all those Starbucks bagels and bistro boxes go after closing time, here's an answer you can get behind. Starbucks has pledged t

Chyna - Former WWE Superstar Dead

One thing that sucks as you get older...seeing your idols pass on. R.I.P Chyna!! From her official Facebook page: It is with deep sadness to inform you today that we lost a true icon, a real life superhero. Joanie Laurer aka Chyna, the 9th wonder of the world has passed away. She will live forever in the memories of her millions of fans and all of us that loved her. Felix Team Chyna More details to come...

Denzel Washington Stars In Incredible Remake Of The Magnificent Seven

Western's are a very Jamaican thing. Rising to popularity the tales of outlaws & posse's influenced Jamaican culture heavily in the 60's & 70's. I remember falling asleep watching the original Magnificent Seven...because it was boring and my grandfather forced me to watch it. All. The. Time. lol. Judging from this trailer though, I don't think I'll be sleeping when I go to see this new remake starring Denzel Washington and an all-star cast of "misfits" who liberate a town from some evil-doers. Along with Denzel, you have my dude Ethan Hawke (Had the pleasure of working on two of his films during TIFF...biggest missed opportunity ever was partying with him, Colin Farrell and Dave Matthews. Ug

Trump Tower owners want to change its name

There's something about the name TRUMP. A name that inspires thoughts of unapologetic wealth and power that we are all inspired by and attracted to. That may be changing with Donald Trump's presidential run, which has seen him catapulted to the top by being unapologetically ignorant. The owners of TRUMP Tower in Toronto (TALON International, owned by Val & Inna Levitan and Russian-Canadian billionaire Alex Schneider) are sensing that and want to change the name...and it's not gonna happen without a fight. Now, my history with the building goes back to it's opening year, when I did the launch party for it's Wednesday evenings. We had over a 1000 people show up, some of Toronto's best and brig

Rihanna came to my party last night :)

If there's one thing I know, it's celebrities. I don't say that in a self aggrandizing, douchebag way...I say that as someone who's worked intimately helping film industry and seeing how things work behind the scenes for years. I'm fortunate enough to provide support services for alot of films that come into town during TIFF and have been doing so for the past 5 years. I've literally worked on hundreds of films and dealt personally with dozens of celebrities during one of the most important times of the year for the film industry. I see what it takes to make things happen and I know what goes on behind the scenes. And the one consistent thing I can tell you is the larger the celebrity the mo

The Addisons Are Hosting A Brunch Party This SUNDAY!

The Addisons is the most original concept to hit Toronto in decades. A concept bar based on a fictional family (The Addisons) who left their home open for you to party at while they're gone. Well with Spring finally here (kinda), The Addisons Kitchen will soon be open, headed up by the top caterers in the city, The Food Dudes! We'll also be launching their cocktail menu tomorrow, by the way, doors at 5PM with samples and specials on The Addisons cocktails by their master mixologist, Manny! Now back to the food! In celebration of finally getting the culinary side of The Addisons going, I'd love for all of you to join me this Sunday, April 17th for the Addisons Brunch party! VERY limited seati

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