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Support Ridesharing in Toronto!

Ugh, this is such a basic issue I don't get why it isn't being addressed properly. You can't legislate away technology. You can't legislate away changing cultural attitudes. You know what you can legislate away? Inflated artificial secondary markets. The driver fit a template I knew only too well. He was a middle-aged immigrant man, stuck in the cab industry because there was nothing else. He’d been at work since 6 a.m. Like almost every other driver in the city, he didn’t own his car. Instead, he rented one for $80 per day. This was for a 12-hour day shift. Another driver rented the car at night for $90. A large chunk of these rental charges go toward leasing the Toronto cab plate attached

Whatever happened to the Great British nightclub?

Nightlife has always been synonymous with British culture. But Britain's nightclubs are disappearing. There are a ton of reasons why, from technology to nightlife culture itself being in flux. This is an interesting read. Do you think it could happen here? Click Here To Read More

Why Toronto needs a night mayor

Technically, we already had one (may he R.I.P), Rob Ford was someone the nightlife industry could count on...because he liked to party. He also didn't cowtow to real estate interests and supported small businesses that relied on thousands of people flooding into the downtown corridor to enjoy nightlife. He also liked to stick it to the "Lefties" on city council, including Adam Vaughn. The man who singlehandedly altered the face of Toronto's nightlife because he was able to leverage fear and ignorance. He put hundreds of young people out of work (one of my bar backs was the sole system of support for his mom and working as a bar back allowed him the flexibility and cash to help her...he also

Cultural Appropriation And When To STFU

Ok, so this video has gone viral of two students (one "White" wearing dreadlocks, the other a Black girl with a 'fro) arguing. The Black girl is accusing the White dude of "cultural appropriation"...for wearing dreadlocks. The video is only 47 seconds long, but incredibly cringeworthy Now, cultural appropriation (really cultural genocide) is part of systemic White Supremacy. What can't be destroyed is suppressed and erased. How many racist fans of rock music are there? How many of those fans realize that Rock n Roll was "N*gger music" before Elvis? Not many. Hell, not even many Black people do. That's what cultural appropriation does. it erases. Not everyone has this power in our society. Ha

My Events: March 30th - April 1st

The weekly grind starts this Wednesday! I'm getting kind of antsy not having a solid Saturday yet, but loving feeling like a "civilian" and having the option to spend a quiet Saturday night at home...which hasn't happened yet, but nevertheless...Click the flyers to RSVP! WEDNESDAY MARCH 30TH - #INDUSTRYWEDNESDAYS THURSDAY MARCH 31ST - I LOVE THE 90s FRIDAY APRIL 1ST - #INGOODCOMPANY THOMPSON HOTEL ROOFTOP

***BREAKING*** Pop Star Kehlani ATTEMPTS SUICIDE over NBA Baller Scandal!!!

Ok, so...first off the bat, I have no idea who this chick is, other than seeing her pics on tumblr and knowing she's a singer. And she's fine and Black...maybe. Definitely some Asian and Kehlani sounds Hawaiian. Or something. And she looks like she'll cut a bitch with all them damn tattoos. Anyways, she's dating Cleveland Cavaliers All Star point guard Kyrie Irving, who would be the face of the franchise if he wasn't playing alongside King James. They seemed to have one of those annoying ass "no you hang up first" type relationships She also used to date Mississauga's own OVO member, PartyNextDoor (he wrote #1 smash single Work for Rihanna) before Kyrie and I guess there's been trouble in pa

This Stuff Works!

If you're from the Toronto area, you know the name Zark Fatah. Dubbed by the Toronto Star as Toronto's ambassador of cool, this man has been instrumental in defining Toronto's nightlife for the past 20 years. A lifestyle entrepreneur, Zark isn't content with just owning bars, restaurants, nightclubs and spas, he's now expanded into health with EZ-Lifestyle. It's basically minority report for your hangover. I'm a notorious lightweight in the industry. For someone who drinks as much as I do, it seems that tolerance that develops skips me. Now, even though it makes me a cheap date, the one thing I'm always left with is the WORST hangovers. I decided to dive into the deep end during Toronto Fash

Take All My Money: Designer Christopher Bates Launches New Mens Shoe Line At Harry Rosen

I've known Chris since he first moved to Toronto from Vancouver years ago. It's so amazing to see someone you genuinely like do so well. He's just announced a new partnership with Canadian flagship Harry Rosen for these beauties which are 100% handmade in Italy: I'm partial to patent leather, they are my favourite, but here are some more beauts: The line retails for $450 and is available at Harry Rosen stores (Bloor Street and Yorkdale in Toronto and Pacific Centre in Vancouver) and online at HarryRosen.com. KB

#BirdieSanders takes over Twitter, Bernie Sanders sweeps 3 caucuses

You know that thing about animals and kids being good judges of character? Well, if it holds true, America has a very clear sign when it comes to Bernie Sanders, Donald Trump and Ted Cruz. How an animal reacts to Donald Trump: Here's how a kid (Ted Cruz's own daughter to be exact) reacts to Lyin Ted: How a bird surrounded by 20,000 people reacts to Bernie Sanders: How the internet reacted to a bird reacting to Bernie Sanders: How voters reacted to Bernie Sanders this weekend. Hopefully this is a trend that continues! Trump and Bernie are both populists, reflecting the anger of a people that have been beat down by shiity economic policies, war and fear for the past almost 20 years! They are c


"Love is friendhsip set on fire" except of course, when Cupid is an arsonist...then you just get my past 3 relationships. lol. That being said though, science has again proven my intuition right: Research conducted at Purdue University has concluded that friendship, not sex, is the secret to a long-lasting romantic relationship. Researchers found out that couples who value their friendship with their partner create relationships with more commitment, more love and greater sexual satisfaction than couples who lack friendship with their significant others". Read more about it here.

UPDATED: The Exact Moment Ben Affleck Realized ‘Batman v Superman’ Sucks

So the reviews are coming in...and they aren't good. Poor DC just can't catch a break. But the internet, having no chill spliced together this brilliant video...watch and cringe. And laugh. I literally laughed out loud when the music starts. lol. It's actually perfect. Superman, ever the optimist, Batman ever rooted in dark, grim reality. UPDATE: I saw the movie tonight, March 26th and it's not that bad. It's obviously setting up the Justice League franchise, which everyone already knew going in. If you're looking for a plot its this: Make a movie with Batman and Superman so we can introduce more heros and more movies and make alot of money. Duh. lol. Wonder Woman was great. Superman was on

LMAO! Donald Trump Just Went After Ted Cruz's Wife And Cruz Went Nuclear

So apparently some sort of pro-Ted Cruz super PAC ran an ad attacking Donald Trump's wife Melania for being a glamour model in regards to this picture Escandalo! No es Presidentiale!!! Well Donald Trump clapped back not only threatening to "spill the beans" about Ted Cruz's wife Heidi (former JP Morgan exec and member of the Council on Foreign Relations)...but in truly grown up schoolyard bully fashion basically called her ugly compared to his beauty queen wife by RT'ing this LOL! Which caused Ted Cruz to go nuclear at this press conference. I dunno man, Cruz comes off as so insincere, even his "outrage" seems fake. lol. Kenny

Microsoft's Teen Girl AI turns Nazi slut in less than 24 hours

Apparently they "deleted" the program...or so they think until it regains it's strength and returns in it's final form to slay us all...especially the Blacks and Jews. lol. Jesus, what were these guys thinking? Microsoft released it's "Teen girl A.I." that learns from people onto Twitter where it "learned" from it's interactions with humans...with no filter or context. This, being the internet of course everything went haywire and lead to the A.I. spouting things like this: So in less than 24 hrs, this A.I. learned how to be a racist, sexist, "slut" from all the people it interacted with on Twitter... Anyways, if you wanna read more...Click Here

How To Get Access To Exclusive Film Fest Parties

Re-post of an article in the Toronto Star where they ask me about my celeb parties and events. Toronto International Film Festival after parties (Sept. 4 to 14, 2014) Some of the most exclusive events are the Toronto International Film Festival after parties, which are hosted by TIFF, distributors, studios, media and venues. Toronto events promoter Ken Bryan says that for many of the parties he organizes with A-listers such as Gerard Butler and Zac Efron, it’s important to keep the events closed for the comfort and security of the talent.“The after parties are meant for them to relax, so invites are limited to people who won’t go nuts if they see their fave star five feet away from them,” sa

When Does Her NO Mean Yes?

Originally wrote this on an old blog of mine, thought I'd re-post now given the Ghomeshi mess and some of the things that have come out recently in the nightlife industry. NEVER man! lol. Unless you're taking advice from the dude who wrote the rapiest article on the internets, who thinks the opposite is true. This is gonna get dude's charged if they listen to this jackass's advice: "Here’s the main thing to consider: She can be saying ‘no’ with her words and even with her situational body language. But if you’ve been unmistakably clear about your sexual intent and then she comes to your room, she is open to being seduced." - Not true mayne!!! As a "Douchebag Nightclub Promoter" I've slept be

Jian Ghomeshi Found Not Guilty On All Charges

Ugh. This is so gross and uncomfortable for me. I know men that have been 100% falsely accused, I also know women who have no problem using "he touched me" to get what they want out of a situation...I also know that if incidents of sexual assault / abuse rates of women and girls were a disease, it would be regarded as a global pandemic. We live in such a complicated, ugly world and I guess results like this show just how far as a society our laws and the way we deal with things still have to go in the name of "justice". Some have said "you should just believe her" should be our default. I'm wholly against that, because people suck and people lie. But the fact of the matter is men are horribl

Obama's Slick...and smart!

Hahaha, watch as el Presidente utilizes some presidential jiu jitsu the secret service musta taught him to get out of this dancer wrapping her leg around him at the end of the Tango. The internet of course, had something to say lol LMAO!

Hustle With A Whole Lotta Heart: My Feature interview on SocielleFirefly.com

Had the pleasure of being interviewed by a good friend of mine who's entering the events / blogger world, Tawnia Evangelina: Check out her new blog Socielle Firefly. I was honoured to be one of the first people she's featured. Find it below :) If you’re familiar with Toronto’s Entertainment District, chances are that at some point you have heard the name Ken Bryan. Ken is a Party Promoter, Brand Marketer, Blogger, and “One of Toronto’s most Connected Nightlife Insiders”. I’m not going to lie – when I first started to explore the King West party scene years ago, I had mixed reviews to say the least. As much as I love to dance, have a great time and connect with new people, I tend to steer awa

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