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Wow. Jimmy Kimmel REALLY hates Matt Damon.

Talk about capping off the most awkward Oscars ever w/ an awkward awards show appearance. So apparently Kimmel & Damon have had a long running feud...based on a long running gag on Kimmel's show. His guest (and Damon bff) Ben Affleck snuck onto Kimmel's show...and Kimmel had him thrown off! Even his own audience booed him. Wow. Watch all the awkwardness here.

Future Thoughts: Facebook Says It Has Created The Most Accurate Population Density Models Ever

This is incredible. Population density down to a 5M resolution and they are releasing it for free. Governments can be using this info for everything from real estate development to better understanding census results. Especially with the coming climate changes, the type of forecasting that we'll be able to do will be astounding. Even for advertising and business planning, I could choose where I should put my next nightclub, advertisers can use it for campaign development and valuation. This is good info! For those worried about privacy though, you should be. I've seen hackers find someone's apartment by using Google maps from a picture that shows outside, so Facebook using Aritifical Intelli

Ontario Government Announces MAJOR Changes to OSAP

Yes. You read that right. If this were in place 20 years ago, my life would be drastically different. I remember the day I had to choose between buying food and going to school. I literally had $5 to my name, I could use $4 of that to go to and from school...or I could buy food, stay home and figure out how to go get a job so I could live. I never went back to school so you know which I chose. This is a great start. I would also recommend mandatory personal financial literacy and counselling as well.

Rihanna & Drake's "Work" Reference Track Leaks...[LISTEN]

Somehow actress Keke Palmer got her hands on OVO's PartyNextDoor's reference track for Rihanna's new tune. Of course reference tracks are nothing new in the music business, but given the high profile leaks of Drake's other reference tracks and the subsequent beefs with Meek Mill over them, this is kind of odd. That being said, stay tuned to see if anything comes out of this.

Racial incidents ignored by York board, families say

Wow. I had a hard time believing this was happening in Toronto (well...Vaughn) in 2016. Then I realized what an idiot I sounded like even saying that. There's a way too popular and dangerous myth, pushed by celebs and intelligentsia that "racism will die out with old people". It certainly won't. It reeks of ageist elitism. I'm sure there are plenty of "racist old people" that were once very young. The mentality and societal structures that make racism an easy default haven't gone away and so racism won't go away either. Click here to read this disturbing report of what's happening in Vaughn schools.


What an exciting time to be in the city! Lots of stars from all over the world are coming to check out Toronto for NBA All Star Weekend 2016 and I'm not just talking about rappers and NBA players ;) CLICK THE PICS TO BUY TICKETS / RSVP :) THURSDAY FEBRUARY 11TH FRIDAY FEBRUARY 12TH SATURDAY FEBRUARY 13TH SUNDAY FEBRUARY 14TH NYC's notorious upscale sports bar "BOUNCE NYC" takes over CITIZEN for an NBA All Star Brunch + Day party unlike any other!!

NEW Beyonce - FORMATION. Just in time for the Superbowl!

Released exclusively throught TiDal. Bey addresses haters, her loyalty to her man and her Southern roots! She also gets political with the visuals. Beyonce gets two YASSSSS's from me for this! Which of you girls gon' get this Beyonce iPhone case first? What are the odds she performs this tomorrow at the #Superbowl Halftime show? Download the track here for free on Tidal.

Celebrity All Star Leadership Social & Power Lunch W/ Dr. Shaquille O'neal

Did you know that Shaquille O' Neal received his PHD in leadership studies & is now DR. Shaquille O'Neal? I'm proud to announce that for #NBAAllStarTO business, sports & entertainment collide as we present TRANSFORM: creating new realities. A one day leadership social & luncheon on Bay St with SHAQ and 3 other sporting legends turned businessmen & philanthropists. Olympic Gold Medalist Donovan Bailey CFL Hall of Famer Michael 'Pinball' Clemons Canadian Soccer Great Dwayne De Rosario Hosted by: Sports media personality, Cabbie! (Shaq really loves Cabbie. Skip to 4:00 if I didn't send this up right. lol. ) TRANSFORM focuses on stories surrounding change, growth and continuous improvement

The Addisons House Party | Saturday January 31st, 2016

It's always, always, ALWAYS a pleausre to work with professional people that want to work with promoters as opposed to against them. Had an absolutely massive list this past Saturday (60+ people, 40 of them girls). Now, we don't charge cover at Addisons and we have $4 drinks from open till 10pm. That usually results in lines like this: And no, it's not because we hold the lines to look busy, it's because inside...usually looks like this: What can I say? the party's popping! My role as a promoter is to help people. The best way I can help people is get them in past that damn line. SO happy that the GM and front door staff went over and above to help me help all my friends celebrate their bday

Rihanna's latest album only sold 460 copies in a day thanks to giveaways and streaming

Rihanna's latest album release, "Anti," is her lowest-charting album debut, but a streaming sensation. Following an interactive marketing campaign and an accidental album leak on Tidal, her seventh album was officially released Wednesday, January 27, on the streaming service in which she's a partner along with Jay Z. The album debuted at No. 27 on the Billboard 200, selling less than 1,000 copies in the United States in its first day on sale. According to the New York Times, a source with knowledge of the Nielsen numbers said only 460 albums were sold on that Thursday. But through Rihanna's sponsorship deal with Samsung, 1.47 million copies of "Anti" were handed out as free downloads to fans

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