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Kanye West & Wiz Khalifa Twitter Feud Over Waves And Women

So last night @KanyeWest announced that he just finished the "album of the year" which he titled "SWISH". Then, in true Gemini form...he changed his mind and named it "WAVES". This lead to @WizKhalifa sub-tweeting Kanye and criticizing him for "stealing" from the incarcerated Max B. This lead to Kanye melting down in classic Kanye form with some stream of conciousness, genius, extra petty level tweets. Now this is where Kanye REALLLLLY goes off. See, back when she was just another big booty stripper, Amber Rose was risen from the pole to heavens by Kanye. Things seemed to be getting out of control until Wiz's baby moms (Kanye's ex) Amber Rose clapped back with her own tweets Of course, The I

Warcraft: Universal Pictures Releases 1st TV Spot for Upcoming Film

The CGI looks AMAZING in this and was done by ILM (Avatar, etc). I'm an avid Warcraft player (currently leveling up my 80 Death Knight Kthulu) and this comes out just a few days after my bday! Director Duncan Jones (David Bowies oldest child) also released some teaser images from Stormwind's set...which prompted maybe the first of many fan interactions regarding the accuracy of things in the film vs. the game. Trust me, this is funny. lol. He's also right. You get the Hogger quest just outside of Stormwind. Duh. lol. June 10th! Now who's gonna help me make a costume to go watch this in?

Yacht Week Reunion Party This Thursday!

This is not an "official" #YachtWeek party, but since so many of our friends didn't get a chance to ring in NYE with us becuase they were soaking up the sand, sun and champagne, we decided to throw a little reunion party at F-STOP, this Thursday January 14th! Now, some of you may be asking: "Kenny, what's Yacht Week? It's fucking Canada and January, are you dumb?" Behold: So basically a hedonistic good time with alot of rich, beautiful white people...and me. lol. If that sounds like your kinda party...RSVP and come join us this Thursday at FSTOP! Graciously sponsored by Moet ICE of course. RSVP: ken@kenbryan.net / 647.710.0436

David Bowie Ends His Long Battle With Cancer. FU Cancer.

Legit woke up from a nightmare, checked my Twitter...and found this out. 69 year old David Bowie's importance to music and our culture in general can't be overstated. From his challenging of gender binaries & hetero-normativity with Ziggy Stardust to his #NBD "interracial" marriage to supermodel Iman (I can't wait till we stop using that term and it stops being a big deal). David Bowie definitely coloured outside the lines and always seemed to live in the future and always seemed to be waiting for the rest of us to catch up. Maybe because I'm turning 40 this summer, but I've been nostalgic for all things 70's and the magical, mind bending, post-psychedelic / neo-futuristic vibe that it broug

Jaden Smith’s New “Louis Vuitton Presents Series 4: The Heroine By Bruce Weber” Commercial [Video]

Visuals for the new Louis Vuitton SS16 women's collection w/ Jaden Smith. Here's what his sister Willow had to say about it: "Males and females are put into boxes of expectation when we are born. As we grow we start to realize the damages that those expectations cause to our spiritual and emotional understanding of ourselves and life. The more we start to realize that we are all the same and infinitely different at the same time, the more we begin to shed those expectations and live free to continue to uplift the essence of Earth."

Black & White Ball #NYE2016

BIG thank you to everyone that chose to start off 2016 with us. Amazing venue, beautiful crowd and great vibes all around. Special shout out to our surprise guest: Chad Kroeger from Nickelback! You never know who'll show up to our parties! Don't forget, for a good time, call 647.710.0436 / ken@kenbryan.net

Yorkdale Mall Is Winning Christmas This Year Thanks To "Fashion Santa"

Shout out @justinbieber coming to see the homie @paulmasonmodel aka ‪#‎YorkdaleFashionSanta‬today! Now that he mentioned it publicly, I can speak on it. I love Paul Mason, man. When he told me why he grew the beard last year, I told him it was a gift. Because what came from grief has opened up literally the world to him and he's paying it forward to help other people. We did this event together earlier in the year for Toronto Men's Fashion Week in aid of a really good charity and he shared with me why he grew the beard and I was blown away. The Huffington Post caught up with Paul and he states: "I stopped shaving when my mom passed away two years ago — I was a bit down," he says. "Then the b

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