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Giorgio Mammoliti And The Politics Of Fear

So yesterday afternoon I was hurredly called down to the Direct Energy Center because there was a public consultation on the EDM Ban at the Ex and by extension all city property. CITYNews, CP24, Global and CBC interviewed me because I'm in the industry. You can find a small clip here. I was forwarded a press release that Toronto City Councillor Giorgio Mammoliti had circulated. In it, he continued with his strawman arguement that there are pedophiles lurking in the corners of raves, ready to pounce on our kids. This is wrong and dangerous. Councillor Mammoliti is actually spreading Mis-information about child sex abuse to further his politically driven agenda. The fact of the matter is, upwa

"Don't Trust That Nigger"

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. Here I was last night, all fly with a beautiful (white) female friend, getting into a cab on my way to the Pink Party (an annual fundraiser a friend of mine throws to support the Canadian Breast Cancer foundation) and some Nazi poser decided to start shit with me. I must give him credit though, he repeated his words and even though his feet were backpedalling faster than Lance Armstrong, his mouth and the hatred (and fear) in his eyes were going strong.I feigned as if I was going to throw a punch at him and he jumped backwards into the door of my neighbourhood Burger King. "That’s what I thought" I said to him…"You’re a fucking pussy" and turned away to

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